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Pulse & Function / Waveform Generators

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 214B Fast, High Power Pulse Generator (100V, 2A)
HP 3245A/001/002 Dual Channel Universal Source
HP 33120A / 001 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
HP 3314A Function Generator
HP 33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz
HP 33250A 80 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
HP 3325A/002 1uHz - 21MHz Synth. Function Gen. with High Voltage Output
HP 3325B 1uHz - 21MHz Synth. Function Generator
HP 3325B/001/002 1Hz-21MHz Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator
HP 3326A/001/002 1uHz - 13MHz Two Channel Synthesised
HP 3335A 200Hz - 81MHz Synth. Level Generator
HP 3525B/002 1 uHz to 61MHz High Performance Synthesizer / Function Generator
HP 8013B 50MHz Pulse Generator
HP 8082A 250MHz Fast Pulse Source
HP 81101A 50 MHz, 1Ch Pulse Generator
HP 8110A/81103A 150MHz Pulse Generator
HP 8112A 50MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
HP 8114A 15MHz High Power Pulse Generator, 100V / 2A
HP 8116A / 1*001 1mHz to 50MHz Pulse/Function Generator
HP 8131A 500MHz Pulse Generator
HP 8133A/002 3GHz Pulse Generator with Second Data/Pulse Channel
HP 8160A/001/020 50MHz Dual Channel Programmable Pulse Gen.
HP 8161A 100MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
HP 8165A 50MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
HP 8904A/001/003 DC - 600kHz Multifunction Synthesiser with Fast Hop and Digital Modulation capability options
HP E1440A 21MHz Synthesized Function with Option 1*
HP E1445A Arbitrary Function Generator, C Size VXI Module
HP E6173A Arbitrary Dual-Channel Real-Time Waveform Generator VXI Module*
HP E8305A 250MHz Pulse Generator*
HP E8312A 2 Channel 330MHz Pulse Pattern Generator*

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Fluke / Philips

Philips PM5138 Function Generator, 0.1mHz to 10MHz
Philips PM5139 / 02 Function Generator, 0.1mHz to 20MHz, GPIB
Philips PM5192 Programmable Synthesizer/Function Generator
Philips PM5193 50MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
Philips PM5786B 125MHz Pulse Generator


Gould DWG-7000 Digital Waveform Generator


Lecroy 9100R Lecroy 9100R
Lecroy LW410 Versatile Signal Channel 400MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Lecroy LW420 Versatile Dual Channel 400MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Marconi / IFR / Aeroflex

Marconi KM2130 / 01 Digital Phone Pattern Generator

Rohde & Schwarz (R & S)

R&S AFGU 1mHz to 20MHz Dual Channel Function/Pulse/AWG Capabilities
R&S AM300 Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator


Stag 39M101A Digital Phone Pattern Generator

Stanford Research Systems

SRS DS345 30 MHz Function & arbitrary waveform generator


Tabor 8551 50MHz Pulse / Function Generator


TEK 067-1094-99 Pulse Generator Test Fixture
TEK AFG320 Dual Channel 16MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
TEK AWG2020 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
TEK AWG2021 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
TEK AWG710 2 GHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
TEK AWG710B 2.1 GHz Arbitrary Wavefrom Generator
TEK FG503 TEKTRONIX FG503 (Faulty)
TEK PG501 Pulse Generator
TEK PG507 50 MHz, Dual Channel, Pulse Generator
TEK SG5030 Programmable Levelled Sine Wave Generator


WAV 166 50 MHz Pulse / Function Generator
WAV 178 50 MHz Programmable Waveform Synthesizer
WAV 180 Sweep / Function Generator
WAV 184 5 MHz Sweep/Function Generator
WAV FG-5000A Function Generator

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