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RF / AF Power Meters & Power Sensors

Agilent Technologies (HP)

HP 11722A Sensor Module, without cable
HP 11852B Adapter with 50-ohm type-N (f) to 75-ohm type-N (m) connector.
HP 11853A Accessory Kit, Type-N, 50-Ohm
HP 11855 HP / Agilent 10855
HP 1808A/1825A Amplifier
HP 435B 110GHz Analog Power Meter
HP 436A/022 Digital RF Power Meter with HP-IB
HP 437B/002/003 High Performance Power Meter with a parallel Rear-Panel Sensor input
HP 438A Dual Channel Power Meter
HP 8347A RF Amplifier, 100 kHz to 3 GHz
HP 8481A 10MHz - 18GHz Power Sensor (1uW to 100mW)
HP 8481B 10MHz - 18 GHz High Power Sensor (1mW to 25W)
HP 8481D (100pW - 10uW). Includes HP 11708A 30dB Attenuator
HP 84811A 100 MHz to 18 GHz Peak Power Sensor
HP 8482A 100kHz - 4.2GHz Power Sensor (1uW to 100mW)
HP 8482B 100kHz - 4.2GHz High Power Sensor (1mW to 25W)
HP 8482H 100kHZ - 4.2GHz Power Sensor (100uW to 3W)
HP 8484A 10MHz - 18GHz High Sensitivity Sensor (0.1nW to 10uW)
HP 8487A 1mW-100mW Power Sensor (50MHz-50GHz)
HP 8487D / 11708A 50MHz to 50GHz Power Sensor with Attenuator
HP 8900D Peak Power Meter (requires sensor)
HP C34-431C Power Meter
HP E4412A 50MHz to 18GHz, Power Sensor
HP E4418B Single-Channel Power Meter


Anritsu APS1823 Power Adepter
Anritsu AQ2101 / AQ2703B / APS18231 Power meter / Sensor / Adepter + Full accessories
Anritsu M295A Battery pack
Anritsu MA2442A 18 GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2474A 40 GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA4701A / WA2 10MHz-18GHz Power Sensor With Winschel WA2
Anritsu MA4702A 10MHz-18GHz, Diode Power Sensor (-70 TO -20 dBm)
Anritsu ML2437A 110 GHz Power Meter
Anritsu ML2472A 18GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu ML4803A / MZ5003A Power Meter 100 kHz-90 GHz with Battery Pack
Anritsu ML83A / MA73A / MA72B RF power meter
Anritsu ML9001A 4-Digit, Optical Power Meter
Anritsu ML93B Optical Power Meter


Boonton 4200 100kHz-100GHz RF Power Meter
Boonton 4500A 30 MHz to 40 GHz RF Peak Power Meter/Analyzer
Boonton 56518 Peak Power Sensor, 500 MHz to 18.0 GHz, -40 to +20 dBm
Boonton 57518 Peak Power Sensor, 0.5 - 18 GHz, -50dBm to +20
Boonton 952009 Voltage Sensor


Farnell 2085 AF Power Meter


Gigatronix 80701A 50MHz-18GHz Power Sensor

Marconi / IFR

Marconi 6914 40GHz Power Sensor (-30dBm to +20dBm)
Marconi 6920 20GHz High Sensitivity Power Sensor (-70dBm to -20dBm)
Marconi 6960B / 01 / 03 / 04 RF Power Meter with option 01 / 03 / 04
Marconi 6970 / 001 Handheld Power Meter
Marconi 893B AF Power Meter
Marconi CPM-46 46GHz Counter, Power Meter & Voltmeter


Radart 3145 RF Milli Voltmeter
Radart 3531 RF Power meter

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S)

R&S NAP-Z3 Power Head
R&S NRVD Dual Channel Power Meter
R&S NRVS RF Power Meter
R&S NRV-Z32 Peak Power Sensor / 20dB Atten. Assy.
R&S NRV-Z5 Power sensor 50 Ohm 100 kHz - 6 GHz
R&S URV5 Millivoltmeter (Specification dependent on attached Sensor)
R&S URV5-Z2 10V Insertion Unit, 9kHz to 2GHz, 50 Ohms


TEK AM503 /TM501/A6302 Low Current Amplifier System
TEK AM503 /TM501/A6303 High Current Amplifier System
TEK AM503B /TM502A/A6302 System

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