Marconi 2955B Radio Communication Test Set (IFR 2955B)

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Marconi 2955B Radio Communication Test Set (IFR 2955B)

IFR / Marconi 2955B

Radio Communication Test Set (Marconi 2955B)

Marconi / IFR 2955B Price

The Radio Communications Test Set Marconi 2955B provide comprehensive test facilities for AM, FM and ØM mobile radio transceivers operating up to 1000 MHz. The 2955B is a combination of the following instruments:

  • RF power meter.
  • DC and AF voltmeter.
  • RF counter.
  • AF counter.
  • RF generator.
  • AF generators (two).
  • Modulation meter.
  • AF distortion, SIN AD or SIN meter .
  • Sequential tones decoder and encoder.
  • DTMF decoder and encoder.
  • DCS decoder and encoder.
  • POCSAG radio pager encoder.
  • Sensitive receiver (Option 1 only).
  • Digital oscilloscope.

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These are automatically connected to the appropriate socket when an operating mode is selected. A large CRT display shows all the generated and measured information for each test and a direct indication of the control settings being used. The 2955B can be used to check a wide range of equipment including simplex and duplex radio telephones and mobiles using selective calling and cross-band repeaters.

Marconi / IFR 2955B Features

  • Comprehensive testing facilities for AM/FM/ØM transceivers to 1000 MHz
  • Full duplex facility test radio telephones and cross-band repeaters
  • Sequential and revertive tones, DTMF and DCS encoders/decoders
  • Menu driven CRT display with 26 stores for recall of standard settings
  • Built-in self test and operator guide
  • System checking of simplex transceivers in less than 3 seconds
  • Operation from any standard AC supply up to 400 Hz or vehicle supply
  • GPIB or RS232 for full instrument control

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