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Audio Analysers & Modulation Analysers

Agilent / HP

HP 334A Audio Distortion Analyser
HP 339A Audio Measuring Distortion Set
HP 346A/001 10MHz - 18GHz Broadband Noise Source (Type-N Male Connector)
HP 346C 10MHz - 26.5GHz Broadband Noise Source
HP 8657 Modulation Analiser
HP 8901A/010 Modulation Analyser with AM & FM Calibrations
HP 8901B / K17 (030,033,037) Modulation Analyser
HP 8903A Audio Analyser. Includes 400Hz High Pass Filter & CCITT Weighting Filter as Standard.
HP 8903B / CCITT / HPIB Audio Analyser With CCITT / HPIB / 400Hz. FILTERS
HP 8970B Noise Figure Meter, 10 MHz to 1600 MHz
HP 8970B/020 2GHz Automatic Noise Figure Meter
HP 8971B 18GHz Noise Figure Test Set
HP 8971C Noise Figure Test Set, 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz

IFR / Marconi

Marconi 2305 50 kHz to 2.32 GHz Modulation Meter
Marconi TF2304 Modulation Meter


Noisecom NC7109 5 MHz to 1 GHz Programmable Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX7105 10Hz to 10Mhz Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX7107 Noise generator
Noisecom UFX7109 Programmable Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX7124 2 GHz to 4 GHz Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX/PNG 7107 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 6 Programmable Noise Generator


Racal 9008 2GHz Modulation Analyser

Rohde & Schwartz (R&S)

R&S STKU Noise Generator


Sayrosa 252 Auto Distortion Meter


TEK AA501 Distortion Analyser

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