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Applied Microsystems Corporation

Model No


AMC 128KB RAM OVERLAY 128KB RAM Emulator Memory
AMC 32KB RAM OVERLAY 32KB RAM Emulator Memory
AMC 512KB RAM OVERLAY 512KB RAM Emulator Memory
AMC 68000 Motorola 68000 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68000/68008 Motorola 68000/68008 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68000B-16 Motorola 68000B Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68000P-16 Motorola 68000P Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68010 Motorola 68010 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68020 33 MHz, 1 MB EMULATOR
AMC 68020 NULL TARGET Motorola 68020 Emulator Null Target Module
AMC 68020-25 Motorola 68020 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68020B-25 Motorola 68020B Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68020P-25 Motorola 68020P Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68302 20 MHz, 1 MB 68302 EMULATOR
AMC 68302 DEMONSTRATOR Motorola 68302 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68302-20 NULL TARGET Motorola 68302 Emulator Null Target Module
AMC 68302P-20 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68360-33 Motorola 68360 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68EC000 Emulation System (EL1600 System)
AMC 80960CF Intel 80960CF Emulator
AMC 80C186/88 Intel 80C186/88 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 80C186/C188 Intel 80C186/C188 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 80C188B Applied Microsystems Corporation 80C188B
AMC 80C18x/188 Applied Microsystems Corporation 80C18x/188
AMC 80C86/88 Applied Microsystems Corporation 80C86/88
AMC 851X-LSA Applied Microsystems Corporation 851X-LSA
AMC CodeICE 020 In Circuit Emulator for Motorola MC68020
AMC CodeICE 060 In Circuit Emulator for Motorola MC68060
AMC CODEICE 68060-50 Motorola 68060 CODEICE Emulation System
AMC CODEICE 80960RP Intel 80960RP CODEICE Emulation System
AMC CodeICE 960RP In Circuit Emulator for Intel i80960RP
AMC CodeTAP-XA C186EA In Circuit Debugging for Most Variations of Intel 80C186 and 80C188
AMC DYNAMIC TRACE & BREAK Applied Microsystems Corporation DYNAMIC TRACE & BREAK
AMC EL3200 Mainframe (Supports many processors)
AMC ES1800 Emulator Mainframe
AMC Logic State probe Applied Microsystems Corporation Logic State probe
AMC MCB Controller Applied Microsystems Corporation MCB Controller
AMC SCSI CONTROLLER Applied Microsystems Corporation SCSI CONTROLLER
AMC SuperTAP 80486 Emulation & Debugging for Intel 80486
AMC SuperTAP AM186EM Emulation & Debugging for AMD AM186EM/ES/ER & AM188EM/ES/ER
AMC TIME STAMP MODULE Applied Microsystems Corporation TIME STAMP MODULE
AMC Z8000 Emulator
AMC Z8001/3 Emulator Probe

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