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Abekas Diskus

AD A60 Video Disk Recorder -D1 25s digital recd/play

Acterna (TTC)

Acterna/TTC 40200 RS-449 Interface
Acterna/TTC 41800 E1 Interface Module
Acterna/TTC 42219 HSSI Interface for TTC FireBerd 6000A
Acterna/TTC 42522 V.35 306 RS-449 X.21 Interface Module
Acterna/TTC Fireberd 1500A Digital Transmissions Analyser
Acterna/TTC Fireberd 6000A Communications Analyser Mainframe. Has built in RS232 testing

Advance Instruments

AI DRM6 Advance Instruments DRM6


Advantest Q8383 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Advantest R3131 9 kHz to 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Advantest R3131A 9 kHz to 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Advantest R3261A 9kHz to 2.6 GHz Spectrum Analyser
Advantest R3261C 9kHz to 2.6 GHz Spectrum Analyser
Advantest R3361A 9 kHz to 2.6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Advantest R3465 Opts: 09 / 15 / 21 / 61 / 73 9KHz-8.1GHz Spectrum Analyser with CDMA Testing Capability using the supplied Advantest R3561L
Advantest R3561L CDMA Test Source Unit. 500 MHz to 2 GHz
Advantest R4131D 10kHz - 3.5GHz Spectrum Analyser
Advantest R9211E FFT Digital Spectrum Analyzer
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Agilent Technologies / HP

HP 04285-61001 Resistor
HP 10074B 10:1 passive probe with 150 MHz bandwidth
HP 10074C Passive Probe, 10:1, 150 MHz, 1.5 m for optimal performance with your 54620-series oscilloscopes
HP 10075A 0.5 mm IC Clip Kit for the 10070-Series of Probes
HP 10098A Front Panel Cover and Pouch for the 54600-Family of Oscilloscopeses
HP 10269B Probe interface assembly for the 1630 and 1631 families of logic analyzers
HP 10269C General Purpose Probe Interface Probe Interface for 1630 Series Logic Analyzers
HP 10311G 68000/10 Preprocessor and Software
HP 10313G HP / Agilent 10313G
HP 10314D HP / Agilent 10314D
HP 10342B HP / Agilent 10342B
HP 10460A HP / Agilent 10460A
HP 10461A TTL Data Pod for 16720A Pattern Generator Card
HP 10462A 8-Channel 3-State TTL/CMOS Data Pod for 1670G-Series Benchtop Logic Analyzer Option 004 Pattern Generator
HP 10463A ECL Clock Pod for 1670G-Series Benchtop Logic Analyzer Option 004 Pattern Generator
HP 10464A ECL (Terminated) Data Pod
HP 10465A ECL (Unterminated) Data Pod
HP 10466A 8-Channel Tri-State TTL/3.3V Data Pod
HP 10467A 0.5 mm MicroGrabber Accessory Kit for the 400 Family of Probes
HP 10467B HP / Agilent 10467B
HP 1046AX HP / Agilent 1046AX
HP 10474A 8-Channel Probe
HP 10483A 3-State 3.3 Volt Pattern Generator Data Pod
HP 10529A Logic Comparator
HP 10833A HP-IB Cable 1 Metre
HP 10833B HP-IB Cable 2 Metre
HP 10833D HP-IB Cable 0.5 Metre
HP 10895A VME Laser Axis Board*
HP 10897A High-Resolution Laser Axis VME Board*
HP 1146A Current Probe AC/DC, 100 mA to 100 A rms, DC to 100 kHz
HP 1153A 200 MHz Differential Probe
HP 11590B Broadband high power bias network
HP 11691D Coaxial Directional Coupler, 2 GHz to 18 GHz
HP 11692D 2GHz - 18GHz Dual Directional Coupler
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HP 11708A 30 dB Attenuator Pad (at 50 MHz)
HP 11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver
HP 11715A AM/FM Test Source
HP 11729B Carrier Noise Test Set
HP 11759C RF Channel Simulator, 40 MHz to 2700 MHz
HP 11835A DC to 4MHz Data Buffer (w)
HP 11851A Type N RF Cable Kit for Network Analysers
HP 11852B Adapter with 50-ohm type-N (f) to 75-ohm type-N (m) connector.
HP 11853A Accessory Kit, Type-N, 50-Ohm
HP 11855 HP / Agilent 10855
HP 11940A 30 MHz to 1 GHz close field probe
HP 11941A 9 kHz to 30 MHz Close Field Probe
HP 11945A 9 kHz to 1 GHz Close-Field Probe Set
HP 11975A 8 GHz Power Amplifier (w)
HP 141T Spectrum Analyser Display Section
HP 16034B Test Fixture
HP 16038A Test Fixture
HP 16047C HP / Agilent 16047C
HP 16063A Test Lead
HP 16092A Spring Clip Fixture
HP 16093A Accessory Kit for HP 4191A
HP 16093B Accessory Kit for HP 4191A
HP 16096A 2-Port Fixture For 4192
HP 16195B 7mm Calibration Kit
HP 16196A Parallel Electrode SMD Test Fixture
HP 16196B Parallel Electrode SMD Test Fixture
HP 1630A Logic Analyzer with 35 channels
HP 16338A Test Lead Kit
HP 16441A Resistance Box for 4156C
HP 16500A Logic Analyser Mainframe
HP 16500B Logic Analyser Mainframe
HP 16500C Logic Analyser Mainframe
HP 1650A 80 Channel Logic Analyzer
HP 1650B 80 Channel, 35MHz State/100MHz Timing Logic Analyser
HP 16510A 80 Channel, 25MHz State/100MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card
HP 16510B 80 Channel, 35MHz State/100MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card
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HP 16515A 16 Channel 1GHz timing master card
HP 16516A 16 Channel 1GHz timing expansion card
HP 1651B 32 Channel logic analyzer
HP 16520A Pattern Generator Master Card
HP 16521A Pattern Generator Expansion Card
HP 16522A Pattern Generator Card
HP 1652B 80 Channel Logic Analyser with 400 MSa/s Oscilloscope
HP 16530A Oscilloscope Timebase Card for HP Mainframe
HP 16531A 400MSa/s Digitising Scope Card for HP Mainframe
HP 16532A Digitizing oscilloscope card
HP 16550A 102 Channel, 100MHz State/250MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card
HP 16555A 68 Channel, 125MHz State/250MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card
HP 16557D 68 Channel, 135MHz State/500MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card with 2MB Acquisition Memory Depth per Channel
HP 1660CS 136 Channel, 100MHz State/250MHz Timing Logic Analyser
HP 1661CS 102 Channel, 100MHz State/250MHz Timing Logic Analyser
HP 1663A 34 Channel portable logic analyzer
HP 1664A 34 Channel Logic Analyzer
HP 16700A/003 Logic Analyser Mainframe with Performance Upgrade option fitted. (160MB RAM & 2MB Video RAM)
HP 16700B / 003 / 012 Logic analysis system mainframe
HP 16701A Expansion Mainframe for HP 16700A
HP 16702A/003 Logic Analyser Mainframe
HP 16702B / 003 Logic Analyser Mainframe
HP 1670G 500MHz Timing 150MHz State 136 Ch Deep Mem Logic Analyser
HP 16712A 102 Channel, 100MHz State/500MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card with 128kB Memory Depth
HP 16715A 68 Channel, 167MHz State/667MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card with 2MB Memory Depth
HP 16716A 68 Channel, 167MHz State/667MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card with 1MB Memory Depth and 2GHz Timing Zoom
HP 16717A 68 Channel, 333MHz State/667MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card with 2MB Memory Depth and 2GHz Timing Zoom
HP 1671A 102 Channel, Deep Memory Logic Analyser
HP 16750A 68 Channel, 400MHz State/800MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card with 4MB Memory Depth and 2GHz Timing Zoom
HP 16751A 68 Channel, 400MHz State/800MHz Timing Logic Analyser Card with 16MB Memory Depth and
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HP 1808A/1825A Amplifier
HP 18135A RS232 Interface Pod
HP 18136A RS449 Interface Pod
HP 18137A V35 Interface Pod
HP 18160A V.24/V.35 Interface Pod
HP 18163A RS232 Interface Pod
HP 18174A RS449 Interface Pod
HP 18177A V35 Interface Module
HP 18179A RS232/V.24 Interface Pod
HP 18180A HP / Agilent 18180A
HP 18260A V24/X21 Interface Module
HP 18281A ISDN Basic Rate Interface Pod
HP 18284A ISDN CEPT Interface Module
HP 18294A X21 Interface Module
HP 18366A ISDN Interface Module
HP 214B Fast, High Power Pulse Generator (100V, 2A)
HP 2225 HP / Agilent 2225 Thinkjet Printer with HPIB
HP 2225A HP / Agilent 2225A
HP 2225AU HP / Agilent 2225AU
HP 2225B Thinkjet Printer
HP 2225D RS232 Thinkjet Printer
HP 2322 HP / Agilent 2322
HP 3235A Hi-Performance Switch/Control Cardcage Mainframe (10 Slot)
HP 3245A/001/002 Dual Channel Universal Source
HP 33120A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
HP 3314A Function Generator
HP 33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz
HP 3324A Synthezised function/sweep generator
HP 33250A 80 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
HP 3325A/002 1uHz - 21MHz Synth. Function Gen. With High Voltage Output
HP 3325B 1uHz - 21MHz Synth. Function Generator
HP 3325B/001 1Hz-21MHz Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator
HP 3326A/001/002 1uHz - 13MHz Two Channel Synthesised
HP 33320G Programmable Step Attenuator (DC - 4GHz : 0 - 70dB) SMA Type
HP 33320H Programmable step attenuator, dc-18 GHz
HP 33321H/011 Programmable 10 dB OEM step attenuator
HP 33322H 5V Programmable Attenuator
HP 3335A 200Hz - 81MHz Synth. Level Generator
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HP 334A Audio Distortion Analyser
HP 339A Audio Measuring Distortion Set
HP 3403C / 1 / 6 RMS VOLTMETER
HP 34300A 40kV AC/DC High Voltage Probe
HP 34398A RS-232 cable, 9 pin (f) to 9 pin (f).
HP 34399A RS-232 Adapter Kit
HP 34401A 6.5 Digit HP-IB Multimeter
HP 34505B / 3235 RF MUX WITH 3235 CARD
HP 34511B 64 Channel Armature Relay MUX/Matrix for 3235
HP 34516M 256 crosspoint matrix module for 3235A
HP 3455A Digital Voltmeter
HP 3457A 3.5 Digit to 6.5 Digit Multimeter with extended resolution to 7.5 Digits
HP 3457A / 44492A 3.5 Digit to 6.5 Digit Multimeter with extended resolution to 7.5 Digits with MUX Module
HP 3458A 8.5 Digit Multimeter
HP 345XXX HP 34520B, HP 34501B, HP 34505B, HP 34509B, HP 34516M available
HP 3466A 4 1/2 DIGIT DMM
HP 3468A 5.5 digit DMM
HP 346A/001 10MHz - 18GHz Broadband Noise Source (Type-N Male Connector)
HP 3478A 5.5 Digit, HP-IB Multimeter
HP 34810A BenchLink/Scope software
HP 34810B BenchLink Scope SW
HP 34812A BenchLink/Meter PC Software
HP 3488A Low Cost Switching & Control with HP-IB
HP 34901A 20 Channel Multiplexer Module
HP 34902A 16 Channel High Speed Multiplexer Module
HP 34903A 20 Channel Actuator/General Purpose Switch Module
HP 34904A 4 x 8 Two-Wire Matrix Switch Module
HP 34905A Dual 1:4 Channel RF Multiplexer, 50 Ohms Module
HP 34906A Dual 1:4 Channel RF Multiplexer, 75 Ohms Module
HP 34907A Multifunction Module
HP 34908A 40 Channel Single Ended Multiplexer Module
HP 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit with Digital Multimeter
HP 34970A/001 Data Acquisition/Switch Unit without Digital Multimeter
HP 3497A Data Acquisition System & Various Cards Available With DMM Option
HP 3499A Switch / Control Mainframe
HP 3499B 2-Slot Switch/Control Mainframe
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HP 3525B/002 1 uHz to 61MHz High Performance Synthesizer / Function Generator
HP 355C 0-10 dB Step Attenuator
HP 355D 0-120 dB Step Attenuator
HP 3561A 000125Hz - 100kHz FFT Spectrum Analyser
HP 3562A Dual Channel FFT Spectrum Analyser. Similar to above.
HP 3563A 100KHz Dual Channel Control Systems/Dynamic Signal Analyser
HP 35651B / 104 FFT Signal Process Module for MMS System
HP 35655A 8 Channel Input Module for MMS System for 3565S
HP 35660A 244mHz to 102.4kHz Dual Channel FFT Analyser with Disk Drive
HP 35665A Dual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyser with Arbitrary Waveform Source option
HP 35670A Portable Dual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyser
HP 35677A 100kHz to 200MHz Network Analyzer
HP 35677B 100kHz to 200MHz Network Analyzer
HP 35678A 50 Ohm Type N Calibration kit
HP 35731B 12 inch Monochrome Monitor
HP 3577A 1Hz to 500MHz Network Analyzer
HP 3581A / H37 Wave Analyser
HP 3582A Spectrum Analyser
HP 3589A 10 Hz to 150 MHz Spectrum/Network Analyzer
HP 3612A 30 watt Power Supply 60V, 0.5A or 120V, 0.25A
HP 3617A 60V, 1A, 60 watt power supply
HP 3630A GPIB paint jet (as-is)
HP 3708A Noise Interference Test Set
HP 37204A Multipoint HP-IB Extender
HP 3764A/002 Digital Transmission Analyser
HP 3764A/007 Digital Transmission Analyser
HP 3770B Telephone line Analyser
HP 37717A / 1CW / UH2 / UH4 / UH6 / UHE / UHK / UHN / UKJ / US1 SDH/PDH Test Set Options: UH2/UH4/UH6/UHE/UHK/UHN/UKJ/US1/1CW
HP 37717B / A3D / A3R / 1AR / UKJ Communications Performance Analyser Options: A3D/A3R/UKJ
HP 37717C / UH3 / UKK Communications Performance Analyser
HP 37718C / 001 / 012 / 200 / 601 / UK6 Opts:001/012/200/601/UK6 SDH Digital Comms Analyser
HP 37721A / 001 / 002 / 003 704 kb/s, 2, 8, 34, 140 Mb/s Digital Transmission Analyser (w)
HP 37722A / H02 Digital Telecom Analyser. Various options available. (w)
HP 37724A SDH/PDH Analyser (w)
HP 3776A PCM Terminal Test Set
HP 3776B/001 PCM Terminal Test Set
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HP 3780A / 001 / K01 / J01 Pattern Generator / Error Detector
HP 3784A Digital Transmission Analyzer
HP 3784A / 002 / 061 / H13 Digital Transmission Analyzer
HP 3784A / 008 Digital Transmission Analyzer
HP 3785A Telecomms Analyser
HP 3789B / 003 / 011 / 200 Transmission Test Set DS3
HP 382 Series 382 Controllers. Various Models available
HP 3852A Data Acquisition Control System Mainframe
HP 3853A Extender Chassis for above
HP 4140B pA Meter / DC Voltage Source
HP 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
HP 4156C Semiconductor Parameter Analyser
HP 4191A 1 MHz to 1 GHz RF Impedance Analyzer
HP 4192A LF Impedance Analyzer, 5 Hz to 13 MHz
HP 4193A 400kHz - 110MHz Vector Impedance Meter
HP 41951A Impedance test kit
HP 41952B Transmission / Rflection Test Set
HP 4195A 10Hz to 500MHZ Combined Network/Spectrum Analyser
HP 4261A Digital LCR Meter with Test Frequencies at 120 Hz & 1kHz
HP 4262A Digital LCR Meter
HP 4274A 100Hz - 100kHz LCR Meter
HP 4275A / 001 / 004 10kHz - 10MHz LCR Meter
HP 4276A 100Hz - 20kHz LCZ Meter
HP 4280A 1MHz C Meter/C-V Plotter. Measures capacitance/conductance.
HP 4284A / 001 20Hz - 1MHz Precision LCR Meter
HP 4284A / 001 / 002 / 006 20Hz - 1MHz Precision LCR Meter Power with Amplifier/DC Bias option
HP 4285A / 001 / 201 Precision LCR Meter, 75kHz to 30MHz in 100Hz steps. 0.1% accuracy
HP 42942A Terminal adapter kit for 4294A
HP 42942A-CFG002 Terminal Adaptor Set
HP 4294A 40 Hz to 110 MHz, Precision Impedance Analyzer
HP 4328A Milliohmmeter
HP 4338B / GPIB I/F & HANDLER I/F Milliohmmeter
HP 435B 110GHz Analog Power Meter
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HP 436A/022 Digital RF Power Meter with HP-IB
HP 437B/002/003 High Performance Power Meter with a parallel Rear-Panel Sensor input
HP 438A Dual Channel Power Meter
HP 4395A Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer, 10 Hz to 500 MHz
HP 43961A / 16092A RF Impedance Test Adaptor Set (Inc. Short pt. no. 04191-85300, Open pt. no. 0419185302, 50 ohm no. 04191/85301, ser. No. 04668, spring - clip term. conn. adaptor, short n-n type cable.)
HP 4396B / 010 / 1D6 100 kHz-1.8 GHz Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer
HP 44422A 20 Channel T Couple Module For HP 3497A
HP 44428A 16 Channel Module For HP 3497A
HP 44470A 10 Channel MUX card for 3488A
HP 44470D 20-Channel Multiplexer Module
HP 44471A General Purpose Relay Card for 3488A
HP 44472A VHF Switch Module Card for 3488A
HP 44473A Matrix Switch Input Card for 3488A
HP 44474A Digital I/O Card for 3488A
HP 44476A Microwave Switch Module
HP 44476B Microwave Switch Module for 3488A
HP 44478B Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Module (1.3GHz, 75 Ohm)
HP 4447B Microwave Switch Plug-in
HP 44491A Armature relay multiplexer assembly
HP 44701A 3.5 - 5.5 Digit Integrating Voltmeter
HP 44702A 13 Bit Hi-speed Voltmeter
HP 44705A 20 Channel Relay Multiplexer
HP 44708A 20 Channel Relay MUX with Thermocouple Compensation
HP 44711A 24 Channel Hi-speed FET Multiplexer
HP 44712A 48 Channel MUX
HP 44715A 5 Channel Counter Totaliser (200kHz)
HP 44721A 16-Chan. Digital Input
HP 44723A 16 Channel Hi-speed Digital Sense Control
HP 44724A 16 Channel Digital Output
HP 44726A 2 Channel Arbitrary DAC
HP 44727A Analogue Output 4 Channel Voltage DAC
HP 44789A Serial Interface Card for HP 3852A
HP 4951C 19.2 kb/s Protocol Analyser
HP 4952A/002 64 kb/s Protocol Analyser
HP 4954A Protocol Analyser - 72kbps
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HP 4957A/001 Protocol Analyser
HP 4972A LAN Analyser
HP 4985A LANProbe II - Token Ring Testing
HP 4996A LANProbe II - Ethernet Network Testing
HP 5063-9240 Rack Mount For 34401A 33120A531XX
HP 5063-9243 Rack Mount HP E3631A E3632A
HP 5065A / 003 Rubidium C-Field Resolution
HP 5087A/003/033 Distribution Amplifier, 10MHz x 12-channels Amplifiers
HP 51003F HP / Agilent 51003F 08903-60125
HP 51403F HP / Agilent 51403F 08903-60124
HP 53131A 001 / H12 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53131A/001/030 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53131A/010/030 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter with High Stability Oscillator & 3GHz 3rd Channel
HP 53131A/030 225MHz, 10 Digit Universal Counter with 3GHz 3rd Channel
HP 53132A 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A / 010 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 53132A / 010 / 030 225MHz, 12 Digit Universal Counter
HP 5315B 100MHz Rackable Universal Counter
HP 5316B Universal Counter
HP 53181A/010 225MHz, 10 Digit RF Frequency Counter
HP 53181A/050 500MHz-20GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter With Opt 050 - 5 GHz RF Channel
HP 53310A/030 Modulation Domain Analyser with 2.5GHz Channel C option
HP 5334A 100MHz Universal Counter
HP 5334B / 060 Universal Counter
HP 5342A/002 Microwave Frequency Counter
HP 5350B / 001 500MHz-20GHz CW Microwave Frequency Counter with HP-IB
HP 5352B 10 Hz to 40 GHz Microwave Counter
HP 5361B Pulse/ CW Microwave Counter
HP 5363B Time Interval Probe
HP 5364A Microwave Mixer Detector (w)
HP 5370A HP / Agilent 5370A
HP 5370B Universal Time Interval Counter
HP 5371A DC to 500 MHz Time Interval Analyzer (w)
HP 5372A/090 2GHz Frequency and Time Interval Analyser with HP-IB
HP 5372B/090 2GHz Frequency & Time Interval Analyser with HPIB
HP 5385A 1GHz Frequency Counter
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HP 5386A 3GHz Frequency Counter
HP 54001A 1 GHz miniature active probe, 1.5 m
HP 54002A 50 ohm BNC input for HP 54100A/D scopes
HP 54003A 300 MHz, 1 MOhm, 10:1, Probe Pod
HP 54110D 1GHz, 4 Channel Colour Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54111D 1 GSa/sec Digitizing Oscilloscope
HP 54501A 100MHz, 4 Channel Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54502A 400 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54503A 500MHz, 4 Channel Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54510A 250 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54520A 500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54540A 500 MHz Digital Oscilloscope (w)
HP 54600B 2 Channel 100 MHz Oscilloscope
HP 54600X Rack Mount Kit Part Number: 5062-7345. For 546xx Series scopes
HP 54601A 100MHz, 4 Channel Digitising Oscilloscope
HP 54610B 500 MHz Oscilloscope
HP 54615B 1 GSa/s, 500 MHz, 2 Channel Oscilloscope
HP 54616C 500MHz, 2GSa/s, 2 Channel Colour Digital Oscilloscope
HP 54645A 100MHZ 200 Ms/Sec Oscilloscope
HP 54645D 100-MHz 200-MSa/s Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
HP 54650A HP-IB Interface Module for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes
HP 54652B RS232 & Parallel Interface Module for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes
HP 54655A GPIB test automation module
HP 54657A A GPIB Measurement Storage Module
HP 54659B RS232 & Parallel Storage Module for 546xx series(unused)
HP 54750A High-Bandwidth Digitizing Oscilloscope
HP 5665A HP / Agilent 5665A
HP 58502A Broadband Distribution Amplifier (w)
HP 58503A GPS Time and Frequency Receiver
HP 58504A GPS Antenna
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HP 6002A / 001 DC Power Supply
HP 6030A DC Power Supply (200V, 17A)
HP 6031A DC System Power Supply (20V, 120A)
HP 6032A DC System Power Supply (60V, 50A)
HP 6033A DC System Power Supply (20V, 30A)
HP 6034A Power Supply 0-60V, 0-10A
HP 6038A / 001 DC System Power Supply (60V, 10A)
HP 60501A 150 Watt DC Electronic LOAD Module
HP 60501B 60V, 30A, 150W Electronic Load Module
HP 60502A DC Electronic Load Module 60V/60A
HP 60502B 3-60V, 60A, 300W Electronic Load Module
HP 60503B 3-240V, 10A, 250W Electronic Load Module
HP 60504B 60V, 120A, 600W Electronic Load Module
HP 60507B 150V, 60A, 500W Electronic Load Module
HP 6050A Electronic Load Mainframe
HP 6051A 600W Electronic Load Mainframe
HP 6060B 300 Watt DC Electronic Load
HP 64170A 68000/68302 Emulation Memory Control Bd.
HP 64171B 1M Byte 35 ns SRAM Memory Module
HP 64655A / 8085 8085 Interface Module
HP 64657A 80286 Interface Module
HP 64658A 80186/80188 Interface Module
HP 64670A 68000 INTFC MOD
HP 64671A 6809/6809E Interface Module
HP 64680A Z8001 Interface Module
HP 64681A Z8002 Interface Module
HP 64683A Logic Analyzer Card
HP 64690A NSC800 Interface Module
HP 64700A Logic Analyzer Card
HP 64700B Logic Analyzer Card Cage Mainframe (Supports many processors)
HP 64704A 80 Chan Internal Analyser
HP 64746BR HP / Agilent 64746BR
HP 64748C Emulation Control Card
HP 64748D 68020 33MHz emulation probe/no memory
HP 64751A 68340 25MHz PGA Emulation Probe
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HP 64771GR HP / Agilent 64771GR
HP 64780A 68360 Emulation Probe
HP 64783B Emulator for Motorola 68040, 68EC040, and 68LC040 Processors
HP 64794A 8K Trace Depth Emulation Bus Analyzer
HP 654A HP / Agilent 654A
HP 6574A 2000 Watt Power Supply, 60 V, 35 A
HP 66101A dc Power Module, 8V, 16A
HP 66102A DC Power Module, 20V, 7.5A for 66000A
HP 66103A Special Order Power Supply 37 V, 4.5
HP 6621A Dual Output Power Supply (80 Watt)
HP 6622A Dual Output DC Systems Power Supply
HP 6624A Quad Output Power Supply (40 Watt)
HP 6626A Quad Output DC Systems Power Supply
HP 6627A Quad Output Power Supply (40 Watt)
HP 6629A Precision System Power Supply, 50 W, 4 outputs
HP 66309B Dual output Telecommunication Power Supply
HP 66309D / 0521 Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Dual Output (Output 1: 0-15V, 0-3A) & (Output 2: 0-12V, 0-1.5A)
HP 66311B Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Single Output (0-15V, 0-3A)
HP 66312A Mobile Comms. DC Power Supply. Single Output (0-20V, 0-2A)
HP 6632A 20V / 5A Single Output Linear Systems Supply
HP 6634A/760 100V / 1A Systems Power Supply with Polarity Reversal Relay
HP 6642A 20V/10A Systems Power Supply
HP 6644A System DC Power Supply
HP 6645A 120V 1.5A DC Power Supply
HP 6652A Programmable Power Supply
HP 6673A DC System Power Supply, 0-35V, 0-60A, 2000W
HP 6675A 120 V, 18 AMP Programmable Power Supply
HP 6681A 8V, 580A, 5000W DC power supply
HP 6812B AC Power Source / Analyzer
HP 6920B Meter calibrator
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HP 70004A + 70950A/009 Spectrum Analyzer Mainframe with Optical Spectrum Analyzer (w)
HP 70004A + 70952B Spectrum Analyzer Mainframe with Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module (w)
HP 70004A/70820A Spectrum Analyzer Mainframe with Microwave Transition Analyzer (w)
HP 70206A Oscilloscope System Graphics Display (w)
HP 7440A / 17440A Color Pro Plotter with 17440A Graphics Enhancement Card.
HP 7440A/002 8 Pen A4 HP-IB Plotter
HP 7470A/002 2 Pen A4 HP-IB Plotter
HP 7475A/002 6 Pen HP-IB Plotter
HP 7596A A0-A4 Draftmaster II Plotter + Roll feed, HP IB/RS232/Centronix
HP 7596B A0 - A4 Plotter + Roll feed option
HP 778D / 012 100MHz - 2GHz Co-Axial Dual Directional Coupler
HP 7959B 304MB Hard Disk Drive. HP-IB Interface
HP 8013B 50MHz Pulse Generator
HP 8018A 50 MHz Serial Data/PRBS Generator
HP 8082A 250MHz Fast Pulse Source
HP 81101A 50 MHz, 1Ch Pulse Generator
HP 81104A-05A 80MHz Pulse/Pattern Gen. inc. 1 x HP 81105A module *AS NEW*
HP 81105A HP / Agilent 81105A
HP 8110A/81103A 150MHz Pulse Generator
HP 8112A 50MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
HP 8114A 15MHz High Power Pulse Generator, 100V / 2A
HP 8116A / 1*001 1mHz to 50MHz Pulse/Function Generator
HP 8131A 500MHz Pulse Generator
HP 8133A/002 3GHz Pulse Generator with Second Data/Pulse Channel
HP 81521B Optical Power Sensor Head With Head Cover & Head Adaptor HP 8100WA (Bicon)
HP 8152A Optical Average Power Meter
HP 81533A Optical Head Interface Module
HP 81533B Optical Head Interface Module
HP 81534A Return Loss Module
HP 81536A 800nm to 1700nm Power Sensor Module
HP 8153A Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe. Available with HP 81533A / HP 81533B / HP 81521B
HP 8156A/100 Optical Attenuator (1200nm to 1650nm)
HP 8157A Programmable Optical Attenuator (w)
HP 8158B /002/011 Optical Attenuator
HP 8160A/001/020 50MHz Dual Channel Programmable Pulse Gen.
HP 8161A 100MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
HP 8165A 50MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
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HP 8168A 1500-1565nm Tunable Laser Source (w)
HP 8175A/05 50MHz Digital/Analogue Signal Generator
HP 83402A / 012 Lightwave Source
HP 83402C Lightwave Source
HP 83410C/012 Lightwave Receiver Module
HP 83411D Lightwave Receiver Module
HP 83424A-H37 Lightwave EELED Source (w)
HP 83430A/130 Lightwave Digital Source
HP 83437A / 001 / 022 / H98 Broadband Light Source
HP 8347A RF Amplifier, 100 kHz to 3 GHz
HP 83480A Digital Communications Analyzer (w)
HP 8350B Sweeper Mainframe
HP 83522A 0.01 to 2.4 GHz RF Plug-In (w)
HP 83525A 0.01 to 8.4 GHz, RF Plug-In
HP 83570A Sweep Generator Plug In (w)
HP 83590A/002 2GHz - 20GHz RF Sweeper Plug-in with optional 70dB Stepped Attenuator
HP 83592B/002 0.01GHz - 20GHz High Power RF Sweeper Plug-in with optional 70dB Stepped Attenuator
HP 83592C/002 0.01GHz - 20GHz Low Harmonics RF Sweeper Plug-in with optional 55dB Stepped Attenuator
HP 83595A/002 0.01GHz - 26.5GHz RF Sweeper Plug-in with optional 55dB Stepped Attenuator
HP 8447C AMPLIFIER 30-300 Mhz 30 DB GAIN
HP 8447F / H64 Amplifier, Solid State: 1.3GHz
HP 84811A 100 MHz to 18 GHz Peak Power Sensor
HP 8481A 10MHz - 18GHz Power Sensor (1uW to 100mW)
HP 8481B 10MHz - 18 GHz High Power Sensor (1mW to 25W)
HP 8481D (100pW - 10uW). Includes HP 11708A 30dB Attenuator
HP 8482A 100kHz - 4.2GHz Power Sensor (1uW to 100mW)
HP 8482B 100kHz - 4.2GHz High Power Sensor (1mW to 25W)
HP 8482H 100kHZ - 4.2GHz Power Sensor (100uW to 3W)
HP 8484A 10MHz - 18GHz High Sensitivity Sensor (0.1nW to 10uW)
HP 8487A 1mW-100mW Power Sensor (50MHz-50GHz)
HP 8487D / 11708A 50MHz to 50GHz Power Sensor with Attenuator
HP 8494B/001 DC - 18 GHz manual step attenuator provides attenuation in 10 dB steps from 0 to 110 dB.
HP 8494G/002 Programmable Step Attenuator, DC to 4 GHz, 0 to 11 dB, 1 dB steps
HP 8494H/001 Prog. Step Attenuator (DC - 18GHz : 0 - 11dB) N Type
HP 8494H/002 Prog. Step Attenuator (DC - 18GHz : 0 - 11dB) SMA Type
HP 8495B/001 18 GHz manual step attenuator
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HP 8495G/001/002 Programmable step attenuator, DC-4 GHz, 70dB
HP 8495H/001/002 Programmable Step Attenuator (DC - 18GHz : 0 - 70dB) N Type
HP 8496B/001 Manual Step Attenuator (DC to 18 GHz, 0 to 110 dB, 10 dB steps)
HP 8496H/001 Prog. Step Attenuator (DC to 18 GHz, 0 to 110 db, 10 db steps)
HP 8498A High Power Attenuator, DC to 18 GHz
HP 85024A High-Frequency Probe, 300 kHz to 3 GHz
HP 85025E 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Detector
HP 8502A/H26 RF Network Analyzer (w)
HP 85036B Calibration Kit, Type-N, 75 Ohms
HP 85037B 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Precision Detector
HP 85044A Transmission Reflection Test Set (w)
HP 85046A S-Parameter Test Set
HP 85047A 6GHz S-Parameter Test Set for the HP 8753 Series.
HP 85050B 7mm Calibration Kit
HP 85060C Electronic Calibration System (w)
HP 85081B High Impedance input Module : 1 GHz
HP 8508A / 85082A Vector Voltmeter with 85082A O/P Module
HP 85101B Display / Processor
HP 85110A/H81 1 - 18GHz S-Parameter Test set
HP 8514A 500MHz to 18 GHz S Parameter test set
HP 8514B 45 MHz to 20 GHz, S Parameter Test Set
HP 853A/8559A 21GHz Spectrum Analyser
HP 8552A Spectrum Analyser Plug In (IF Section)
HP 8552B Spectrum Analyser If Section
HP 8555A Spectrum Analyser Plug In (RF Section)
HP 8556A Spectrum Analyser Plug In
HP 8559A Spectrum Analyzer Module .01-21GHz
HP 8563E 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz, Portable Spectrum Analyzer
HP 8590A/001/H18/021 10kHz - 1.79 GHz Portable RF Spec. Analyser with 75 Ohm I/put
HP 8591A/001/011/021 9kHz - 1.8 GHz Portable RF Spec. Analyser + Tracking Generator + 75 Ohm I/p Imp.
HP 8591C CATV Spectrum Analyser
HP 8591E/010/041 1.8GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator & HPIB options
HP 8595E 9KHz-6.5GHz Spectrum Analyser
HP 86120C Multi-Wavelength Meter
HP 8614A 800 MHz to 2.4 GHz Signal Generator
HP 8620C/011 Sweeper Mainframe + HP-IB
HP 86222B 0.01 - 2.4GHz Plug-in
HP 86260A / 001 / 005A / H82 12.4-18 GHZ RF PLUG IN
HP 86290B/H08 2 - 22GHz Plug-in
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HP 8642A / 002 252KHz-1040MHz High Performance Synthesized Signal Generator with High Stability Option
HP 8644A 1 GHz High Performance Synthesized Signal Generator
HP 8644B/001 100kHz - 1057.5MHz High Performance Synthesized Signal Generator with Frequency Sweep Capability
HP 8648A / 1E5 / K05 100 kHz to 1 GHz, Signal Generator
HP 8648D / 1E5 9KHz - 4GHz Synthesize Signal Generator with High Stability Timebase (Option 1E5)
HP 8656A 100kHz - 990MHz, Signal Generator
HP 8657 Modulation Analiser
HP 8657-022 Option 022 : 0.3 GMSK Modulation for HP 8657 Signal Generator
HP 8657A/001 100kHz - 1040MHz Synth. Signal Generator
HP 8657B /001/003 100kHz - 2060MHz Synth. Signal Generator with Hi-stab & Pulse Modulator options
HP 8672A Synthesized Signal Generator, 2.0 to 18.0 GHz
HP 8673A 2 GHz to 26 GHz Signal Generator
HP 8673B 2 GHz to 26 GHz Signal Generator
HP 8673C 50 kHz to 18.6 GHz Signal Generator
HP 8673D 50 kHz to 26 GHz Signal Generator
HP 8673E 2 GHz to 18 GHz Signal Generator
HP 8712ET 300 kHz to 1.3 GHz, Network Analyzer
HP 8714B /1C2/1E1 300kHz - 3GHz RF Network Analyser With IBASIC System Compatibility and 60dB Step Attenuator
HP 8714ES 300kHz - 3GHz RF Network Analyser + S Parameter Test Set
HP 8714ET 300kHz - 3GHz RF Network Analyser + Reflection Test Set
HP 87512A DC to 2 GHz Transmission/Reflection Test Set
HP 87512B DC to 2 GHz, 75 Ohm Transmission/Reflection Test Set
HP 8752A 300kHz - 1.3GHz, Network Analyzer
HP 8753B/006 Network Analyzer with 6Ghz. Option 006
HP 8753C/006 30kHz - 3GHz RF Network Analyser Fitted with 6GHz extension
HP 8753D 30 kHz - 3 GHz Network Analyzer
HP 8753ES 3GHz Spectrum Analyser with built-in S-Parameter Test Set
HP 8757A Scalar Network Analyzer
HP 8757C Scalar Network Analyzer
HP 8757D Scalar Network Analyser with color display.
HP 8757E Scalar Network Analyser with mono display.
HP 8782A Vector Signal Analyzer
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HP 8900D Peak Power Meter (requires sensor)
HP 8901A/010/002 Modulation Analyser with AM & FM Calibrations
HP 8901B / K17 (030,033,037) Modulation Analyser
HP 8903A Audio Analyser. Includes 400Hz High Pass Filter & CCITT Weighting Filter as Standard.
HP 8903B / CCITT / HPIB / 010 / 053 Audio Analyser With CCITT / HPIB / 400Hz. FILTERS
HP 8904A/001/003 DC - 600kHz Multifunction Synthesiser with Fast Hop and Digital Modulation capability options
HP 8922P GSM Mobile Station Dual Band Test Set (GSM900 & DCS1800)
HP 89431A RF Section 2.65 GHz Signal Analyzer
HP 8970B Noise Figure Meter, 10 MHz to 1600 MHz
HP 8970B/020 2GHz Automatic Noise Figure Meter
HP 8971B 18GHz Noise Figure Test Set
HP 8971C Noise Figure Test Set, 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz
HP 8990A / 8ZE Peak Power Meter
HP 9000 Series LAN Internet Advisor
HP 9000 Series 9000 Series 200/300 Controllers
HP 9122D Dual Disc Drive
HP 9122S HP / Agilent 9122S
HP 9153A HP / Agilent 9153A
HP 9153C/010 10MB Disk Drive
HP 9153C/020 20MB Disk Drive
HP 9153C/040 40MB Disk Drive
HP 9826A Series 200 Model 226 Controller
HP 9836C HP / Agilent 9836C
HP 98538A HP / Agilent 98538A
HP 98561X HP / Agilent 98561X
HP 98568A HP / Agilent 98568A
HP 98572X HP / Agilent 98572X
HP 98579X HP / Agilent 98579X
HP A1474A HP / Agilent A1474A
HP A1474A - 382 9000-382 Series Controller
HP A2241B HP 382 Controller
HP A2246A 4-Slot DIO-I BUS Expander 4-Slot
HP A2250C HP / Agilent A2250C
HP AP9926B Optical RX/EO*
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HP C34-431C Power Meter
HP E1095A POTS Upgrades*
HP E1300A 75000B E1300A Mainframe w/ Plain Front Panel*
HP E1302A 20-Slot B-Size VME/VXI Mainframe*
HP E1324A RS-232C/422 Terminal Interface*
HP E1326B 5.5 Digit Multimeter*
HP E1328A Four Channel D/A Converter*
HP E1330A Quad 8-Bit Digital Input/Output*
HP E1330B Quad 8-Bit Digital Input/Output*
HP E1333A 3 Channel 1GHz Universal Counter*
HP E1339A 72-Channel Digital Output/Relay Driver*
HP E1340A 42 MS/a VXI Arbitrary Function Generator*
HP E1345A 16 Channel Low-Offset Relay Multiplexer*
HP E1346A 16 Channel Form-C Switch*
HP E1347A 16-Channel T/C Low-Offser Relay Mutliplexer*
HP E1351A 16 Channel FET Multiplexer VXI Module*
HP E1361A 2-Wire 4x4 Relay Matrix VXI Module*
HP E1364A 16 Channel Form C Switch VXI Module*
HP E1366A Dual 1 x 4, 50 Ohm RF Multiplexer*
HP E1367A Dual 1 x 4 75 Ohm RF Multiplexer NEW*
HP E1368A 3 Channel 18 GHz Microwave Switch
HP E1369A VXI Microwave Switch Driver
HP E1399A B-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI breadboard*
HP E1400B 75000C E1400B 13 Slot C Size*
HP E1401A 75000C E1401A High Power, 13 Slot VXI Mainframe*
HP E1401B 75000C E1401B 13 Slot, Medium Power, High Performance VXI Mainframe, C Size
HP E1402A VXI Extender Card*
HP E1403A Adapts A- or B-size VXI Modules to C Size*
HP E1403B Adapts A- or B-size VXI Modules to C Size*
HP E1403C Adapts A- or B-size VXI Modules to C Size*
HP E1404A Slot 0 Translator Module*
HP E1405A VXI Command Module, HP-IB to VXI interface*
HP E1405B VXI Command Module, HP-IB to VXI interface*
HP E1406A VXI GPIB Command Module, C Size
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HP E1410A 6.5-Digit High-Accuracy Multimeter
HP E1411A 5 Digit Multimeter*
HP E1411B 5 Digit Multimeter*
HP E1412A 6 Digit Multimeter*
HP E1412A 6 Digit Multimeter New*
HP E1413A 64 Channel Scanning A/D, C-Size VXI Module
HP E1413B NEW 64 Channel Scanning A/D Converter*
HP E1413B 64 Channel Scanning A/D Converter*
HP E1413C 64 Channel Scanning A/D Converter*
HP E1414A Pressure Scanning A/D Converter*
HP E1415A Terminal Module*
HP E1415A Algorithmic Closed Loop Controller VXI*
HP E1416A VXI Power Meter 110GHz*
HP E1418A 8/16 Channel D/A Converter*
HP E1418A 8 Channel D/A Converter OPT.2*
HP E1418A 8 Channel D/A Converter*
HP E1418A Terminal Module*
HP E1419A Multi-Function Measurement and Control Module*
HP E1420A 200MHz High Performance Universal Counter*
HP E1420B 200MHz High Performance Universal Counter Option 10 HSTB*
HP E1420B 200MHz High Performance Universal Counter*
HP E1421B 75000C E1421B High Power, 6 Slot VXI Mainframe*
HP E1426A 500 MHz, 4-Channel VXI Oscilloscope
HP E1429A 12 bit, 20 MSa/s Measurements*
HP E1430A Digitizer with DSP*
HP E1440A 21MHz Synthesized Function with Option 1*
HP E1442-60101 QUIC Solder Terminal Module*
HP E1442A 64-Channel Form C Switch
HP E1445A Arbitrary Function Generator, 0.1 kHz-10.7 MHz*
HP E1450A 160MHz Timing Module*
HP E1452A Terminating 20MHz Pattern I/O*
HP E1453A Timing Pod E1450A*
HP E1458A 96 Channel Digital I/O*
HP E1460A 64 Channel Relay MUX, C-Size VXI Module
HP E1463-80011 Screw Connection Terminal Block For E1463A*
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HP E1463A 32-Channel, 5 Amp Switch Module*
HP E1465A 16 x 16 Matrix Switch*
HP E1466A 4 x 64 Relay Matrix Switch*
HP E1467A 8x32 Relay Matrix Switch*
HP E1468A 8x8 Relay Matrix Switch*
HP E1469A 4 x 16 Relay Matrix Switch*
HP E1470A 60-Channel 50 ohm RF Multiplexer 500MHz*
HP E1472A Six 1x4 multiplexers, 50 Ohm, 3 GHz Bandwidth*
HP E1473A Six 1x4 50ohm RF Multiplexer Expander*
HP E1473A Six 1x4, 50 Ohm RF Multiplexer Expander*
HP E1474A Six 1 x 4 75 ohm RF Multiplexer*
HP E1476A 64-Channel 3-Wire T/C Relay Multiplexer with Terminal Module*
HP E1476A Option A3F Terminal Block*
HP E1480A V360 Controller VXI Module*
HP E1482A VXIbus Extender VXIbus-to-MXIbus*
HP E1482B C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module
HP E1483A VXLink Interface*
HP E1485A High Performance Digital Signal Processor*
HP E1485C Digital Signal Processor*
HP E1490B Register-based Breadboard 16-bit Interface*
HP E1497A V743/64 Embedded Controller with 32MB Ram*
HP E1498A V743/100 VXI Embedded Controller 64MB*
HP E1498A V743/100 VXI Embedded Controller 128MB*
HP E1499A V382 Controller*
HP E1501A 8 Channel Direct Input SCP*
HP E1503A 8 Channel Programmable Filter / Gain SCP*
HP E1505A 8 Channel Current Source SCP*
HP E1506A 120 ohm Strain Completion and Excitation SCP*
HP E1507A 350 ohm Strain Completion and Excitation SCP*
HP E1508A 8 Channel x16 Gain & 7Hz Fixed Filter*
HP E1509A 8 Channel x64 Gain & 7Hz Fixed Filter SCP*
HP E1513A 8 Channel / 16 Attenuator & 7Hz Fixed Filter SCP*
HP E1529B 32-Channel Remote Strain Conditioning and Voltage Unit*
HP E1539A Signal Conditioning Plug on for the E1422A*
HP E1550A NEW 32-Channel Balanced Daisy Chain Switch NEW*
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HP E1551A 12 Channel, 75ohm Daisy Chain*
HP E1552A Test Access Switch*
HP E1553A Dual STS-1/DS3 Amplifier/LBO*
HP E1554A Daisy Chain*
HP E1563A 2 Channel 800kSa/s Digitizer*
HP E1564A 4 Channel 800kSa/s Digitizer*
HP E1600A with E1602A Quad OC-3C / STM-1*
HP E1607A 0-155MB/s ATM Stream Processor*
HP E1609A ATM Stream Processor 0-622 Mb/s ATM Stream Processor*
HP E1610A 34 Mb/s line interface for BSTS*
HP E1615B 2.488 Gb/s ATM/POS Generator/Receiver*
HP E1616A 1.5/45 Mb/s DS1/DS3 Line Interface*
HP E1618A 622Mbps Optical Line Interface*
HP E1661A Sonet SDH Optical Interface*
HP E1662A 622 Mb/s SONET/SDH Optical Line Interface*
HP E1663A Sonet/SDH Receiver
HP E1664A Test/16 Channel Actuator Card*
HP E1669B Opt.1 Sonet/SDH 1550nm optical I/F, TX/RX*
HP E1671A Sonet/SDH Generator*
HP E1672A Sonet/SDH Receiver*
HP E1673A SONET/SDH Transport Overhead Generator*
HP E1674A Sonet Receiver*
HP E1676B 2.4 Gb/s SONET/SDH Transport Overhead Analyzer*
HP E1679A SONET / SDH Timing Reference 622MHz*
HP E1681A SPE Generator*
HP E1685A STS-1/DS3 Quad Transceiver*
HP E1685B/002 STM-1/139Mb Quad Transceiver, VXI Module
HP E1686A DS1/DS3 Transceiver*
HP E1695A 45 Mb/s (T3) Line Interface*
HP E1697A 155Mb/s Optical Line Interface
HP E1750A 100kHz-10MHz Solid State Amplifier*
HP E1750A New in Box, 100kHz-10MHz Solid State Amplifier*
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HP E1752A VXI Pulse Distribution Amplifier*
HP E2251A C Size M-Module Carrier*
HP E2273A 8 Channel Form C Switch M-Module*
HP E2274A 4-Channel Form C Power Relay M-Module*
HP E2291A 16-Channel Isolated Digital Output M-Module*
HP E2401A MIPS R3000PC Preprocessor Interface
HP E2487A Pentium II Pre-Processor Unit
HP E2487C IA-32 Pre-Processor Unit
HP E2625A Communication Mask Test Kit
HP E2657A HP-IB Measurement Connectivity Kit for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes
HP E2659A Parallel/RS232 Measurement Connectivity Kit for HP 546XX Series Oscilloscopes
HP E2925A 33 MHz, 32 Bit PCI Exerciser and Analyzer
HP E3458A Processor Probe for Motorola CPU32 Series Microcontrollers
HP E3490A Processor Probe for Motorola 683xx Microcontrollers
HP E3497A Processor/Emulation Probe
HP E3610A/0E3 Single Output, Dual Range Power Supply. (8V,3A) & (15V,2A)
HP E3611A/0E3 Single Output, Dual Range Power Supply. (20V,1.5A) & (55V,0.85A)
HP E3612A/0E3 Single Output, Dual Range Power Supply. (60V,0.5A) & (120V,0.25A)
HP E3614A/0E3 8V, 6A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3615A/0E3 20V, 3A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3616A/0E3 35V, 1.7A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3617A/0E3 60V, 1A Single Output Power Supply
HP E3620A/0E3 25V, 1A Dual Output Power Supply
HP E3630A/0E3 Triple Output Power Supply (6V/2.5A, +20V/0.5A, -20V/0.5A)
HP E3631A 80 W triple output programmable DC power supply (25V/1A, -25V/-1A, 6V/5A)
HP E3633A Dual Range Power Supply (8V/20A) & (20V/10A)
HP E3644A 80W Power Supply, 8V, 8A or 20V, 4A
HP E3648A 100W Dual Output Power Supply Two 8V, 5A or 20V, 2.5A
HP E4201A 2.048 Mb/s E1 Cell Line Interface*
HP E4203A 155 Mb/s Protocol Line Interface*
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HP E4204A 1Mb/s-54Mb/s HSSI Line Interface*
HP E4205A 155 Mb/s Electrical UTP-5 Line Interface Module*
HP E4206A T1/E1 Frame Processor*
HP E4208A VXI SCSI Disk Module*
HP E4208B VXI SCSI Disk Module
HP E4208C 2GB Disk Module*
HP E4208D VXI SCSI Disk Module, C Size
HP E4209A 0-155Mb/s Cell Protocol Processor
HP E4209B 0-155 MB/sec Cell Protocol Processor, VXI C-Size Module*
HP E4219A ATM Network Impairment Emulator*
HP E4310A (8147) High Performance Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Mainframe
HP E4324A 45/43dB OTDR Module (Compatible with above mainframe)
HP E4402B 9kHz to 3GHz Spectrum Analyser
HP E4407B 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
HP E4412A 50MHz to 18GHz, Power Sensor
HP E4418B Single-Channel Power Meter
HP E4420B 2GHz Synthesised Signal Generator
HP E4421B 3 GHz RF Signal Generator
HP E4438C 6 GHz Vector Signal Generator
HP E4805B 675MHz Central Clock Module
HP E4841A 333 Mb/s Generator/Analyzer VXI Module with four E4843A*
HP E5034A DSP Module*
HP E5035A Spinstand Interface Module
HP E5036A Filter Matrix Module
HP E5037A 600Mbps Data Generator Module
HP E5038A Parametric Measurement Module
HP E5041A Hard Disk Drive Functional Head Test Popcorn Noise VXI Module
HP E5850A Time Correlation Fixture for Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer
HP E5900B Emulation Probe
HP E5970A Optical Power Meter (800nm to 1600nm)
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HP E6000B/003 Portable Optical Time Domain (OTDR) Reflectometer Mainframe with full colour LCD Dispaly
HP E6000C / E6005A / 003 MINI OTDR c/w PSU Pt.No.0950-4250, (Available with complete accessory)
HP E6003B 1310/1550nm Single Mode Module
HP E6005A 850/1300nm High Performance Multi-Mode Module (26/34dB) Compatible with E6000B/003
HP E6006A Power Meter Sub-Module (800nm to 1600nm)
HP E6007A Visual Fault-Finder Sub-Module
HP E6171B Measurement Control Module*
HP E6172A VXI 32 Pin Matrix Module*
HP E6173A Arbitrary Dual-Channel Real-Time Waveform Generator VXI Module*
HP E6174A Event Detector Module*
HP E6175A 8 Channel Load Card*
HP E6176A 16 Channel Load Card*
HP E6233A VXI Embedded Pentium Computer*
HP E6270A OAM Protocol Tester for the BSTS*
HP E6282A 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet Frame Processor*
HP E6287A ABR Emulator Module*
HP E8257D Analog Signal Generator, up to 67 GHz
HP E8305A 250MHz Pulse Generator*
HP E8312A 2 Channel 330MHz Pulse Pattern Generator*
HP E8401A 13-Slot, C-Size VXI Mainframe
HP E8402A Medium Power, Enhanced Monitoring, C-Size 13 Slot Mainframe*
HP E8403A 13 Slot, High Power VXI Mainframe, C Size
HP E8404A 13 Slot, High Power VXI Mainframe, C Size
HP E8408A 4 Slot, C Size VXI Mainframe
HP E8460A 256-Channel Relay Multiplexer*
HP E8462A High-Density Relay Multiplexer, 256-channel*
HP E8481A 2-Wire 4x32 Relay Matrix Switch*
HP E8491B IEEE-1394 (Firewire) PC Link to VXI, C Size
HP E8793A Matrix Module Part of TS-5400 Series II*
HP E9851A 700MHz Embedded PC*
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HP J2300C Visual Fault-Finder Sub-Module
HP J2300D Protocol Analyser
HP J2300E WAN Internet Advisor. Customisable using modules & undercradles.
HP J2522B WAN Protocol Analyser. Customisable using modules & undercradles.
HP J3759A Telecom Analyzer
HP J4223A VXI DWDM Controller, C Size
HP J4232A HP / Agilent J4232A
HP J4233A DWDM Multirate Transmitter Module
HP J4234A Multi rate SpectralBER DWDM 1550nm Transmitter
HP K752C 18 to 26.5 GHz, 10dB Waveguide Coupler
HP N2261A 40-Channel General Purpose Relay Module
HP N2263A Interface card for N2296 connecting block
HP N2264A Multifunction Module, 12 + 3 GP Relays
HP N2296A Connector block for Agilent N2263A / 3499B Switch / Control System
HP N4431 - 60003 Electronic Cal Module
HP Z2309A 72-Channel Digital Output/Relay Driver*
HP Z2404B 64 Channel Isolated Digital I/O*
HP Z2422A 70MHz FM Modulator*
HP Z2466A Four 4x16 1W SS Matrix*
HP Z2467A 8 1x16 1-Wire Solid State Relay Multiplexer*
HP Z2480A 4 Channel Daisy Chain Optical Switch*


Ameritec 280130-3 Ameritec 280130-3
Ameritec 280130-5 Ameritec 280130-5
Ameritec 280263-2 Ameritec 280263-2
Ameritec 300055 Ameritec 300055
Ameritec AM2-A Analogue Bulk Call Generator
Ameritec AM2-D Ameritec AM2-D
Ameritec AM2-De Digital Bulk Call Generator
Ameritec AM48-E Ameritec AM48-E
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Amplifier Research

AR FM1000 Probes Field Monitor (w)
AR FM2000 Close Field Meter (w)


Analogic 2045 200/350 MHz, 8-bit Polynomial Waveform Synthesizer


Ancot ULTRA2000 AskCat Ancot ULTRA2000

Anritsu / Wiltron

Anritsu / Wiltorn 3610A S-Parameter test set
Anritsu / Wiltron 360B 40 MHz to 110 GHz Coaxial Vector Network Analyzer
Anritsu 22K50 Open/Short, DC to 40 GHz, K(m), 50 Ohm
Anritsu 22KF50 Open/Short, DC to 40 GHz, K(f), 50 Ohm
Anritsu 25SLK50 Test Port Head Set
Anritsu 54147A 20GHz Scalar Measurement System. Call for further details
Anritsu 54154A /02/05 2GHz - 32GHz Scalar Measurement System Fitted with 70dB RF Step Attenuator & Reference Channel options
Anritsu 560-7K50 Detector, 10 MHz to 40 GHz, K(m), 50 Ohm
Anritsu 560-98C50A Convertible SWR Autotester Frequency determined by test port. Test Port Heads sold seperately.
Anritsu MA2442A 18 GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu MA2474A 40 GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu ME3401A / 31 / 42 Digital Transmission Analyser (suitable for DS1, DS1C, DS2 & DS3)
Anritsu ME3520A SDH SONET Analyzer Receiver
Anritsu ME3620A SONET/SDH Analyzer System
Anritsu ML2437A 110 GHz Power Meter
Anritsu ML2472A 18GHz Power Sensor
Anritsu ML9001A 4-Digit, Optical Power Meter
Anritsu ML93B Optical Power Meter
Anritsu MP0109A Optical Module for MP1550A (STM-1/4, 1310nm)
Anritsu MP1550A PDH/SDH Analyser
Anritsu MP1552B SDH/PDH/ATM Analyzer
Anritsu MP1632A Opt. 01/02/03 + MU163220A / MU163240A Digital Data Analyser complete with all available options. MU163220A = 3.2GHz Pulse Pattern Generator MU163240A = 3.2GHz Error Detector
Anritsu MS2601A 10 kHz to 2.2 GHz. Spectrum Analyzer
Anritsu MS2601B 9kHz to 2.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Anritsu MS2651B 9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyser
Anritsu MS2661A 9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyser Options:01/02/03/04/05/06/07/09/11
Anritsu MS2661B 9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyser Options: 10/20
Anritsu MS2661C 9kHz - 3GHz Spectrum Analyser Options:01, 02, 04, 06, 07, 08, 12, 15, 16, 19, 20
Anritsu MS2663B 9KHz-8GHz Spectrum Analyser
Anritsu MS2663C 9kHz - 8.1GHz Spectrum Analyser Options: 01/02/04/06
Anritsu MS2711B/05 3GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyser with RF Power Monitor (option 05)
Anritsu MS610B 10KHz-2GHz Spectrum Analyser
Anritsu MS710F 100kHz - 23GHz Spectrum Analyser
Anritsu MW9060 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
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Applied Microsystems Corporation

AMC 128KB RAM OVERLAY 128KB RAM Emulator Memory
AMC 32KB RAM OVERLAY 32KB RAM Emulator Memory
AMC 512KB RAM OVERLAY 512KB RAM Emulator Memory
AMC 68000 Motorola 68000 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68000/68008 Motorola 68000/68008 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68000B-16 Motorola 68000B Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68000P-16 Motorola 68000P Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68010 Motorola 68010 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68020 33 MHz, 1 MB EMULATOR
AMC 68020 NULL TARGET Motorola 68020 Emulator Null Target Module
AMC 68020-25 Motorola 68020 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68020B-25 Motorola 68020B Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68020P-25 Motorola 68020P Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68302 20 MHz, 1 MB 68302 EMULATOR
AMC 68302 DEMONSTRATOR Motorola 68302 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68302-20 NULL TARGET Motorola 68302 Emulator Null Target Module
AMC 68302P-20 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68360-33 Motorola 68360 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 68EC000 Emulation System (EL1600 System)
AMC 80960CF Intel 80960CF Emulator
AMC 80C186/88 Intel 80C186/88 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 80C186/C188 Intel 80C186/C188 Emulator Probe Module
AMC 80C188B Applied Microsystems Corporation 80C188B
AMC 80C18x/188 Applied Microsystems Corporation 80C18x/188
AMC 80C86/88 Applied Microsystems Corporation 80C86/88
AMC 851X-LSA Applied Microsystems Corporation 851X-LSA
AMC CodeICE 020 In Circuit Emulator for Motorola MC68020
AMC CodeICE 060 In Circuit Emulator for Motorola MC68060
AMC CODEICE 68060-50 Motorola 68060 CODEICE Emulation System
AMC CODEICE 80960RP Intel 80960RP CODEICE Emulation System
AMC CodeICE 960RP In Circuit Emulator for Intel i80960RP
AMC CodeTAP-XA C186EA In Circuit Debugging for Most Variations of Intel 80C186 and 80C188
AMC DYNAMIC TRACE & BREAK Applied Microsystems Corporation DYNAMIC TRACE & BREAK
AMC EL3200 Mainframe (Supports many processors)
AMC ES1800 Emulator Mainframe
AMC Logic State probe Applied Microsystems Corporation Logic State probe
AMC MCB Controller Applied Microsystems Corporation MCB Controller
AMC SCSI CONTROLLER Applied Microsystems Corporation SCSI CONTROLLER
AMC SuperTAP 80486 Emulation & Debugging for Intel 80486
AMC SuperTAP AM186EM Emulation & Debugging for AMD AM186EM/ES/ER & AM188EM/ES/ER
AMC TIME STAMP MODULE Applied Microsystems Corporation TIME STAMP MODULE
AMC Z8000 Emulator
AMC Z8001/3 Emulator Probe


ATS EPOD-68030 ATS EPOD-68030


AVO/Megger Earth Tester AVO/Megger Earth Tester
AVO/Megger ET5 Earth Resistance Tester
AVO/Megger FT6/12 AVO/Megger FT6/12 MK.2, AC/DC Breakdown Leakage & Ionisation Tester
AVO/Megger PAT2 240V PAT Tester
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BMI / Dranetz

BMI 100G Power Analyzer Single Phase Distrubance Analyzer
BMI 4800 Analyzers / AC Power Analyzers & Monitors
BMI A-116 600 Amp Current Transformer
BMI A-120 3000 Amp Current Transformer
Dranetz 2023 Current Probe, 100A - 3000A RMS
Dranetz 626 Dranetz 626 available with PA6001, PA6002, PA6002A, PA6003, PA6006
Dranetz 626-PA-6001 626-PA-6001 Line Analyzer Plug-In
Dranetz 626-PA-6007 Eight Channel Event Sequence Module
Dranetz 626-PA-6009 Three-Phase, 400Hz AC Voltage Module
Dranetz 646-3/101/102 Disturbance Analyser
Dranetz 658 Power Quality Analyser
Dranetz 808 Electric Power and Demand Analyzer : Recorders
Dranetz 808A Power Demand Analyser
Dranetz CT150 CT 3-125 AMPS
Dranetz Dranlink 4300 Power Platform Monitor
Dranetz PP1 Power Platform
Dranetz PP4300 Power Quality, Energy & Harmonics Analyzer
Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Analyser
Dranetz TR2018 Power Clamp
Dranetz TR2022 100-1000A Current Clamp
Dranetz TR2023 CT 100-3000 AMP
Dranetz TR2510 0-10A Current Clamp
Dranetz TR2520 300-3000 Amps Rms Current Probes


Boonton 4200 100kHz-100GHz RF Power Meter
Boonton 9231/01 Single Channel RF Voltmeter
Boonton 92BD Digital RF Millivoltmeter
Boonton 92C RF millivoltmeter.
Boonton 92E Analogue RF Millivoltmeter
Boonton 952009 Voltage Sensor

BP Microsystems

BP-1200 Small and Lightweight Universal Programmer. PC Connectivity via parallel port


Bradbury MCM 50B / HYUY Bradbury MCM 50B / HYUY
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Bradley 192 Oscilloscope Calibration System

Bruel & Kjaer

B&K 1405 Wideband White & Pink Noise Generator
B&K 2221 Sound Level Meter (w)
B&K 2231 Sound Level Meter
B&K 2236B Sound Level Meter
B&K 2238 Sound Level Meter
B&K 2511 Vibration Meter
B&K 2635 Charge Amplifier
B&K 4230 Bruel & Kjaer 4230


Chase MN2050B Line Impedance Stabilization Network

Chauvin Arnoux

CA 10/100A Chauvin Arnoux 10/100A


Checkmate SERIES 2 186EM/ES Checkmate SERIES 2 186EM/ES




Danbridge JP12 12kV Breakdown Tester
Danbridge JP15 7.5/15kV Insulation tester
Danbridge JP30A 30kV Insulation Tester
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Data I/O

Data I/O 280SP-64 Data I/O 280SP-64
Data I/O 288 Data I/O 288
Data I/O 2900 Standard 40-pin, DIP Socket Programmer
Data I/O PS3900 - L Data I/O PS3900 - L
Data I/O PS3980 Universal Programmer


Datron 1061 Datron 1061


Deutsch DWR9101 Deutsch DWR9101

Dunegan / Endevco

Dunegan 118A Dunegan / Endevco 118A
Dunegan 4501A Dunegan / Endevco 4501A


EIP 548A EIP 548A
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ENI 310L 250 kHz - 110 MHz 10 Watt Amplifier


ESI 2110 Video Bridge pad


Fairchild SM2900-70/140 Sattelite meter


Farnell 2085 AF Power Meter
Farnell AP60/50 1KW Autoranging Bench Power Supply (60V-50A)
Farnell L12-10C 12V 10A DC Power Supply
Farnell L30BT Farnell L30BT
Farnell TSV70 Farnell TSV70
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Flir i5 Thermal Imager

Fluke / Philips

Fluke 1120A IEEE - 488 Adaptor
Fluke 2020A Printer
Fluke 25 Digital Multimeter
Fluke 2620A/100 Data Bucket
Fluke 2635A Data Bucket with memory card. Various available.
Fluke 343A DC Voltage Calibrator
Fluke 37 Hand Held Multimeter
Fluke 40 Power Harmonics Meter
Fluke 41 Power Harmonics Analyser + RS232
Fluke 45 6 Digit Dual Display Multimeter with GPIB interface
Fluke 5100B/03/05 DC Calibrator with Wideband and GPIB options
Fluke 5101A DMM Calibrator
Fluke 5101B DMM Calibrator
Fluke 5200A AC Calibrator
Fluke 5205A Fluke 5205A
Fluke 5215A Precision Power Amplifier
Fluke 5520A High Performance Multi-Product Calibrators
Fluke 5700A Multifunction Calibrators
Fluke 652 Cable Tester
Fluke 6651 Programmable High Resolution Counter/Timer
Fluke 750A Reference Divider
Fluke 760A Meter Calibrator
Fluke 8010A 3.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8010M Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8012A Digital Multimeter 3 1/2 Digits With Conductance and With 2 ohm
Fluke 8050A 4.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8505A 6 Digit Bench/Systems DMM. Various options available.
Fluke 8520A 5.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
Fluke 8840A / 05 5.5 Digit Multimeter
Fluke 8840A / 059 5.5 Digit Multimeter
Fluke 8840A / 09 5.5 Digit Multimeter
Fluke 8842A DMM 5 1/2 DIGIT OHMS,
Fluke 8860/005 Digital Multimeter with GPIB interface
Fluke 8860A DMM, 5 1/2 digit
Fluke 8920A TRMS Wideband Digital Voltmeter with Digital Readout in Volts & dB
Fluke 9000A-1802 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 1802 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-6502 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 6502 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-6800 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 6800 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-68000 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 68000 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-6802 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 6802 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-6809 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 6809 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-80186 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 80186 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-80188 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 80188 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-80286 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 80286 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-8048 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 8048 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-8051 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 8051 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-8080 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 8080 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-8085 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 8085 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-8088 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 8088 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-9900 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 9900 Using 9010A
Fluke 9000A-Z80 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting Z80 Using 9010A
Fluke 9010A (U/T) Microsystem Troubleshooter
Fluke 9020A (U/T) Microsystem Troubleshooter
Fluke 9100A Digital Test System
Fluke 9132A-68020 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 68020 Using 9100A
Fluke 9132A-68030 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 68030 Using 9100A
Fluke 9132A-80386 Interface Pod for Troubleshooting 80386 Using 9100A
Fluke 9132A-80836 Memory Interface Pod
Fluke 9132FT Memory Interface Pod
Fluke 9132FT-68020 Memory Interface Pod
Fluke 9132FT-80386 80386SX Personality Module
Fluke 9132FT-80486 80486 Personality Module
Fluke 96 Scopemeter 50MHz DSO + DMM (New In Box)
Fluke 99 Scopemeter 50MHz DSO + DMM (New In Box)
Fluke HYDRA - Series 2 Fluke HYDRA - Series 2
Fluke SW90W Flukeview Software For Fluke 99
Fluke Ti25 Thermal Imager
Philips PM2525 Digital Multimeter
Philips PM2534 3.5 Digit to 6.5 Digit Systems Multimeter
Philips PM2832 60V/2A Dual Power Supply
Philips PM3365A 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Philips PM5192 Programmable Synthesizer/Function Generator
Philips PM5193 50MHz Programmable Pulse Generator
Philips PM5414V+YC TV Pattern Generator with option YC
Philips PM5639 TV Colour Analyser
Philips PM5654 NTSC Generator & Inserter
Philips PM5786B 125MHz Pulse Generator
Philips PM6303/9542 RCL Meter
Philips PM6654C Programmable 1.5GHz Hi-Resolution Counter
Philips PM6670 120MHz Frequency Counter/Timer
Philips PM6671 120MHz Frequency Counter Timer
Philips PM6680B 1.3GHz Counter with Very High Stability option
Philips PM6685 2.7 GHz Counter With Battery
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General Microwave

GM Model 60 General Microwave Model 60

General Radio

GenRad 1657 RLC Digibridge
GenRad 722-F55 GenRad 722-F55


Gigatronix 7100 FM-AM Signal Generator (0.1MHz - 110MHz)
Gigatronix 80701A 50MHz-18GHz Power Sensor
Gigatronix 900 / 05-12 2 GHz - 12 GHz Sweeper / Signal Generator

Gould Instruments

Gould 1602/104 20MHz, 2 Channel Digital Storage Scope with integral colour plotter
Gould 1604 20MSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Gould 400 dual channel 20Mhz digital storage oscilloscope
Gould 465 2 ch. 200MS/sec 100MHz oscilloscope
Gould 500 200MHz (200MSa/s) Dig. Storage Oscilloscope
Gould DMM15 Gould DMM15
Gould DWG-7000 Digital Waveform Generator
Gould TA5000 Chart Recorder
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Graphtec WR8000 16 Chart Recorder

Haven Automation

Haven SC101 General Purpose Process Calibrator


Hitachi PCE3297 Hitachi PCE3297
Hitachi PCE3834 Hitachi PCE3834






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ILX Lightwave

ILX Lightwave FOM-7900B Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Test System
ILX Lightwave FOM-79800B Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Source Module
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800C Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Source Module
ILX Lightwave FOS-79800D Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Source Module
ILX Lightwave LDC-3722 Laser Diode Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDC-3722B Laser Diode Controller
ILX Lightwave LDC-3742 Laser Diode Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDC-3900 Laser Diode Controller 4 Channel (18)
ILX Lightwave LDT-5412 Temperature Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDT-5910 Temperature Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDT-5910B Temperature Controller (18)
ILX Lightwave LDX-3207B Precision Current Source (18)
ILX Lightwave OMH-6727B InGaAs Power/Wavehead 10uW-1W -20:+30dBm 950-1650nm (18)
ILX Lightwave OMM-6810B Optical Multimeter (18)




Keithley 1751 2-Wire, General-Purpose, Test Probes (for Models 175A, 197A, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2010, 2015, 2016)
Keithley 179A Digital Multimeter, 5.5 digits 10mV AC/DC sensitivity
Keithley 195A Digital Multimeter, 5.5 digit resolution
Keithley 2000-SCAN 10 Channel Scanner Card for Keithley 2000, 2001, 2002, 2010 Multimeters
Keithley 2001 8.5 Digit, Precision Autoranging Multimeter
Keithley 2001-SCAN 10 Channel Scanner Card for the high performance Keithley 2001 & 2002 Multimeters
Keithley 2002 8 Digit Hi-Performance Digital Multimeter
Keithley 2010 7.5 Digit, Low Noise Autoranging Multimeter
Keithley 2015 Total Harmonic Distortion, 6-1/2-Digit DMM
Keithley 213 Quad Voltage Source DC Power Supply
Keithley 224 Programmable Current Source (5nA to 101mA)
Keithley 228A Programmable Voltage/Current Source
Keithley 230 Programmable Voltage Source (50uV to 101V)
Keithley 236 Source-Measure Unit (110V, 100mA)
Keithley 238 High Current Source-Measure Unit (110V, 1A)
Keithley 2400 General Purpose SourceMeter (20V, 1A : 20W Output)
Keithley 2400-C General-Purpose SourceMeter
Keithley 2420 High Current SourceMeter
Keithley 2440 40V, 5A, 50W Sourcemeter
Keithley 2500 Dual photodiode meter
Keithley 2510 Autotuning TEC SourceMeter
Keithley 2602 Dual-Channel System SourceMeter Instrument
Keithley 2700 Combination functions of DMM/Data Acquisition & Switch System
Keithley 487 Picoammeter with Built-in Voltage Source
Keithley 590 C-V Analyser with option 5902
Keithley 617 Programmable Electrometer/Source
Keithley 6514 Programmable Electrometer
Keithley 7001 80 Channel Switch / Control Mainframe
Keithley 7002 400 Channel Switch Control Mainframe
Keithley 705 Scanner
Keithley 7052 4x5 Matrix General Purpose Switch Card (3-Pole Configuration)
Keithley 7055 General Purpose Relay Card
Keithley 706 10 Slot Scanner Mainframe
Keithley 7702 40 Channel Differential Multiplexer Module for 2700 & 2750
Keithley 775A Programmable Counter/Timer
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Ken GP-600 Kenwood GP-600
Ken PS60-6 Kenwood PS60-6


Kikusui KSG4100 FM-AM Signal Generator (0.1MHz - 110MHz)
Kikusui PCR500L Programmable Power Source
Kikusui PLZ-150W Electronic Load DC 4-110V,0-3A, 0-30A, 150W (18)
Kikusui PLZ-303W Electronic Load DC 1.5-120V, 0-60A, 300W (18)
Kikusui PLZ-700W Electronic Load DC 4-60V, 0-140A, 700W (18)
Kikusui TOS6100 AC Low Ohm Tester / Ground Tester
Kikusui TOS9000 Automatic 5KV Insulation Tester


Kodak DICONIX 180si Kodak DICONIX 180si


Lambda ZUP 10-20 0-10v / 0-20A DC Power Supply Unit

Laser Precision

Laser Precision AM-3500 Laser Precision AM-3500


Leader LCG-403C Leader LCG-403C Pal Pattern Generator


Lecroy 9100R Lecroy 9100R
Lecroy LW410 Versatile Signal Channel 400MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Lecroy LW420 Versatile Dual Channel 400MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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Lem Heme

Lem Heme PR2000 Lem Heme PR2000


Lion 505C Cartridge Drive
Lion 510C Lion 510C
Lion 515 Lion 515
Lion CI1000D Cartridge Drive

LSI Logic

SDP 1000 LSI Logic SDP 1000

Marconi / IFR / Aeroflex

Marconi 2019A 80kHz - 1040MHz AM/FM Signal Generator
Marconi 2022E +20dB RF Amplifier for Marconi 2022E
Marconi 2022E 1GHz Synth. Signal Generator with GP-IB
Marconi 2023A 1.2GHz Signal Generator
Marconi 2023B 10kHz-2.05GHz Signal Generator
Marconi 2024 with Opt. 04 / 11 Signal Generator 9 kHz to 2.4 GHz
Marconi 2025 9 KHz - 2.51 GHz Signal Generator
Marconi 2030 1.35GHz Signal Generator
Marconi 2031 / 05 10kHz - 2.7GHz AM/FM Signal Generator
Marconi 2032 / 01 / 02 / 06 10kHz - 5.4GHz Signal Generator with Opt. 001, 002, 006
Marconi 2041 / 02 / 012 10kHz - 2.7GHz Low Noise AM/FM Signal Generator
Marconi 2051 / 01 10 KHz to 2.7 GHz Digital Vector Signal Generator
Marconi 2305 500kHz to 2GHz Modulation Meter
Marconi 2380 4.2GHz Spectrum Analyser (with T/Gen)
Marconi 2388 ACTIVE PROBE 1 Ghz 50 Ohms W/ CASE
Marconi 2390A 9 kHz to 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzers (w)
Marconi 2399B/03 9 kHz to 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer. Opt 03 : High stability timebase.
Marconi 2440 / OVEN 20GHz Microwave Counter
Marconi 2610 True RMS Voltmeter with GP-IB Interface
Marconi 2850B / 01 / 08 Digital Transmission Analyzer
Marconi 2850BS / 01 Digital Transmission Analyzer
Marconi 2850S Digital Transmission Analyzer
Marconi 2851 / 01 / 08 Data & PCM Digital Analyser
Marconi 2851S / 01 / 13 / 26 Digital Communications Analyzer
Marconi 2851S/001/013 Digital Communications Analyzer with option
Marconi 2853S / 01 / 13 / 14 Digital Communications Analyzer (w)
Marconi 2855S / 1 / 13 140 MBPS Digital Communications Analyser
Marconi 2945/01 Communications Service Monitor with 600 Ohm Matching Unit
Marconi 2945A / 01 / 03 / 05 / 06 / 23 Communication Service Monitor
Marconi 2945A / 01 / 13 / 14 Communication Service Monitor
Marconi 2965 1GHz Radio Communications Test Set
Marconi 2967 High Performance GSM 900/1800/1900 Radio Test Set
Marconi 6200A 20GHz Microwave Test Set. Call For Further Specifications
Marconi 6581 Transmission Line Test Set
Marconi 6914 40GHz Power Sensor (-30dBm to +20dBm)
Marconi 6920 20GHz High Sensitivity Power Sensor (-70dBm to -20dBm)
Marconi 6960B / 01 / 03 / 04 RF Power Meter
Marconi 6970 / 001 Handheld Power Meter
Marconi 893B AF Power Meter
Marconi 893C AF Power Meter
Marconi CPM-46 46GHz Counter, Power Meter & Voltmeter
Marconi KM2130 / 01 Digital Phone Pattern Generator
Marconi TF2304 Modulation Meter
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Meguro MV-19C Meguro MV-19C

Microsystem Services

MS ME10 Microsystem Services ME10


MICE (various) In Circuit Emulators


Microtest OMNIRemote Microtest OMNI Remote
Microtest OMNIScanner Microtest OMNI Scanner


Minolta CA-100 CRT Colour Analyser

NA Industries

NAI 8800 Angle Position Indicator for Synchro/Resolver Measurement
NAI 8810 Angle Position Indicator for Synchro/Resolver Measurement

National Instruments

NI GPIB-100A National Instruments GPIB-100A
NI GPIB-232CV National Instruments GPIB-232CV
NI GPIB-VXI National Instruments GPIB-VXI
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Navtel 9440 Navtel 9440


Newport 1830-C Optical Power Meter
Newport 818-IS-1 Universal Fiber Optic Detector


Noisecom NC7109 5 MHz to 1 GHz Programmable Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX7105 10Hz to 10Mhz Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX7107 Noise generator
Noisecom UFX7109 Programmable Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX7124 2 GHz to 4 GHz Noise Generator
Noisecom UFX/PNG 7107 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 6 Programmable Noise Generator

Northern Design

ND US1000/1/ND21A Northern Design US1000/1/ND21A

Paradise Datacom

Paradise Datacom P900 Universal Clock Synthesiser


Pioneer DE-S7001 Pioneer DE-S7001
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Polar TONEOHM700 Polar TONEOHM700

Racal Dana

Racal 1250 Series 1250-5 Slot & 1251-14 Slot Chassis Switch. Sys. & Cards available
Racal 1250-15A External Relay Drive Module
Racal 1250-55B 1 GHz Multiplexer Module (75 Ohm)
Racal 1250-60B 18 GHz Microwave Switch Module
Racal 1251 High Density Switch Controller
Racal 1260 VXI Mainframe
Racal 1260-35A High-Density Scanner or Multiplexer
Racal 1261/04/71 Racal 1261 with option 04 / 71
Racal 1992/04B/055 1.3GHz Counter/Timer with High Stability & GP-IB
Racal 1995/01/04E 200MHz Counter/Timer with Ultra High Stability and GP-IB
Racal 1996 Racal 1996
Racal 1998 1.3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 1998/04B/55 1.3GHz Frequency Counter with Options
Racal 1999 3GHz Frequency Counter
Racal 2101 10Hz - 20GHz Microwave Counter with GP-IB
Racal 4061 Racal 4061
Racal 6113/01/52 Digital Radio BTS Test Set with GSM900 and E1 A-bis interface options.
Racal 6113E GSM Base Station
Racal 7050 Racal 7050
Racal 9008 2GHz Modulation Analyser
Racal 9475 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Racal 9478 Frequency Distribution System
Racal 9835 Racal 9835
Racal 9906 200MHz Frequency Counter


Riserbond 1270 Cable Fault Locator
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Rohde & Schwarz (R&S)

R&S AFGU 1mHz to 20MHz Dual Channel Function/Pulse/AWG Capabilities
R&S AM300 Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
R&S CMS52 1 GHz Radio Communication Service Monitor
R&S CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester
R&S EFA Rohde & Schwarz EFA
R&S ESH3 9kHz - 30MHz Test Receiver
R&S FS300 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
R&S NAP-Z3 Power Head
R&S NRVD Dual Channel Power Meter
R&S NRVS RF Power Meter
R&S NRV-Z32 Peak Power Sensor / 20dB Atten. Assy.
R&S NRV-Z5 Power sensor 50 Ohm 100 kHz - 6 GHz
R&S SME03 3GHz Digital Signal Generator with opts. B1, B2, B5, B11, B12
R&S SME06 / B11 6 GHz Signal Generator with option B11
R&S SMH 0.1MHz - 2GHz Signal Generator
R&S SMIQ04B Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ04B
R&S SML01 9 kHz - 1.1 GHz Signal Generator
R&S SML03 9 kHz - 3.3 GHz, Signal generator
R&S SMR20 10 MHz to 20 GHz Signal Generator
R&S SMT03 5 kHz to 3 GHz Vector Signal Generator
R&S SMT06 5 kHz to 6 GHz RF Signal Generator
R&S SMY02 2GHz Signal Generator with level range from 140dBm to +19dBm
R&S SPF2 PAL & NTSC Multifunction Video Test Signal Generator
R&S SKTU Noise Generator
R&S UAF Rohde & Schwarz UAF
R&S UPSF2 Video Noise Meter with R&S UPSF2E2 optional plug-in for PAL and NTSC standards
R&S URV5 Millivoltmeter (Specification dependent on attached Sensor)
R&S URV5-Z2 10V Insertion Unit, 9kHz to 2GHz, 50 Ohms

Sangamo Weston

Sangamo S82 AC voltmeter


Sayrosa 252 Auto Distortion Meter


Schaffner NSG200C Schaffner NSG200C
Schaffner NSG222 Schaffner NSG222
Schaffner NSG224 Schaffner NSG224
Schaffner NSG600 Interference Test System
Schaffner NSG800 Schaffner NSG800 Mainframe
Schaffner NSG809 Schaffner NSG809 Plug-in
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Sefelec PC7P Dielectric Strength Tester


Seiko DPU-414 Seiko DPU-414


Siemens K1197 K1197 ISDN Protocol Tester
Siemens K1297 K1297 ISDN Protocol Tester
Siemens K1403 ISDN SO Analyser/Tester
Siemens UV Eraser Siemens UV Eraser


Soar 5450

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Solomat 2013 Solomat 2013
Solomat 50-4 Solomat 50-4


SONY PVM-1320P Trinitron Colour Video Monitor


Stag 39M101A Digital Phone Pattern Generator
Stag PP39 / 4 Eprom Programmer
Stag APS436 Stag APS436
Stag EPU160Q Stag EPU160Q
Stag ORBIT 48E Portable, battery operated E/EPROM Programmer and Emulator

Stanford Research Systems

SR 570 Low Noise Current Preamplifier 1MHz Maximum Bandwidth
SR 785 DC - 102.4kHz Two Channel Dynamic Signal Analyser
SRS DS345 30 MHz Function & arbitrary waveform generator

Sun Microsystems

Sun GDM/1662B Sun Microsystems GDM/1662B
Sun Sparc IPC Sun Microsystems IPC Workstation

Systron Donner

Systron Donner 6153 Systron Donner 6153
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Tabor 8551 50MHz Pulse / Function Generator


TEK 016-0597-00 Pushbutton trigger generator
TEK 067-0508-00 Amplitude calibrator 50kHz (GR)
TEK 067-0572-01 Sampling head normalizer
TEK 067-0587-01 Standardizer/Calibrator to 500MHz tr=300ps
TEK 067-0587-02 Standardizer/Calibrator to 1GHz, tr=150ps
TEK 067-0587-10 Series Standardizer/Calibrator to 1GHz, tr=150ps, w/trigger for DSA
TEK 067-0657-00 Normalized Ramp Generator for 7000 series
TEK 067-0680-00 5400 series standardizer
TEK 067-1094-99 Pulse Generator Test Fixture
TEK 067-1095-99 TEKTRONIX 067-1095-99
TEK 067-1099-99 TEKTRONIX 067-1099-99
TEK 067-1178-99 Input normalizer / probe calibrator TM500 plugin
TEK 1103 Probe Power Supply
TEK 11401 Digitising Oscilloscope Mainframe
TEK 11A32 Two Channel Amplifier
TEK 11A52 2 Channel Amplifier for TEKTRONIX 11401 Oscilloscope
TEK 11A72 Amplifier Plug-in, 1 GHz, 2 Ch.
TEK 130 LC Meter, Range : 125 to 40 KHz
TEK 1502C / 03 / 04 / 05 Metallic Cable Testers
TEK 1503B / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 TDR Cable Tester
TEK 1503C / Printer / Battery TDR Cable Tester With Printer
TEK 1735 Waveform Monitor
TEK 1735A Waveform Vector Monitor
TEK 1751 Waveform / Vector Monitor
TEK 1751A PAL Vectorscope / Waveform Monitor
TEK 177 Curve Tracer Test Fixture Plug-in
TEK 178 Curve Tracer Adapter
TEK 2430A 150MHz, Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TEK 2440 500MHz, Dual Trace Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TEK 2445 150MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
TEK 2445A 150MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
TEK 2465 300MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
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TEK 2465A 350 MHz Oscilloscope
TEK 2465B 400MHz, 4 Channel Analogue Oscilloscope
TEK 381 PAL Video Test & Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope
TEK 465B 100MHz Oscilloscope
TEK 475A Portable Oscilloscope
TEK 576 Curve Tracer with standard fixture
TEK 577 / ( B.E.R.) 10 Curve Tracers
TEK 5A18N Dual Trace Amplifier Module
TEK 5A48 Dual-Trace Amplifier Plug-In : Vertical Plug-In Modules
TEK 5B42 Dual Time Base Plug-in
TEK 7104 Analog Benchtop (Mainframe) Oscill
TEK 7511 Low frequency oscilloscope. 2 MHz bandwidth, large CRT 6.5 in. diagram
TEK 7623A Analog Storage Oscilloscopes
TEK 7704A Oscilloscope mainframe DC to 250 MHz BW plug-ins
TEK 7834 400MHz Storage Oscilloscope Plug-ins
TEK 7854 Oscilloscope, Analog: 400MHz (Mainframe)
TEK 7904A Oscilloscope, Analog: 500MHz (Mainframe)
TEK 7A14 Current Probe Amplifier
TEK 7A18 75 MHz Dual-Trace Plug-In Amplifier
TEK 7A19 Amplifier 500MHz Plug-In
TEK 7A24 400 Mhz Dual Trace Amplifier Plug-In
TEK 7A26 200 MHz Dual Trace Amplifier Plug-In
TEK 7A29 1 GHz Single Trace Amplifier Plug-In
TEK 7B10 1 GHz Delaying Time Base plug-in
TEK 7B15 Plug-in Delaying Time Base Module
TEK 7B53A Plug-in, Dual Delayed/Delaying Time-Base, 100 MHz, to 5ns/div
TEK 7B92A Dual Time Base Plug-In
TEK 7D15 Digital Multimeter Plug-In
TEK 7L13 1 khz - 1.8 Ghz Spectrum Analyzer
TEK 7L5 Spectrum Analyzer 20Hz-5MHz
TEK 7M11 Delay Line Plug-In.
TEK 7S11 Sampling Unit, 350 MHz - 14 GHz
TEK 7S12 45 ps TDR/General Purpose Sampling Module
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TEK 834 / A2 Programmable Data Communications Tester
TEK 834R01 General Purpose ROM Pack (834R01)
TEK 834R02 BiSync ROM Pack (834R02)
TEK 834R03 ROM for 834 Data Communications Tester
TEK 834R03A Link Test ROM Pack
TEK 834R04 HDLC/X25 ROM Pack
TEK 834R05 Extended Instruction Set ROM Pack
TEK 836 Programmable Data Communications Tester
TEK A6302 Probe, Current 20ADC, DC-50MHZ 12
TEK AA501 Distortion Analyser
TEK AFG320 Dual Channel 16MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
TEK AM502 Differential Amplifier / Comparator, dc to 1 MHz
TEK AM503 /TM501/A6302 Low Current Amplifier System
TEK AM503 /TM501/A6303 High Current Amplifier System
TEK AM503B / TM502A / A6302 / AM503S System
TEK AWG2020 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
TEK AWG2021 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
TEK CG5011 Programmable Calibration Generator
TEK CG551 Programmable Calibration Generator
TEK CSA803A Communications Signal Analyser (DC-50GHz dep. on sampling head)
TEK DM5010 4.5 Digit Autoranging Programmable DMM (TM5000 Mainframe)
TEK DM501A 4.5 Digit Plug-in DMM (compatible with TM500/TM5000 M/frames)
TEK DM501A/02 4.5 Digit Plug-in DMM (compatible with TM500/TM5000 M/frames) With Option 02
TEK DM504A Autorange 4 1/2 digits Multimeter
TEK DM511 Digital Multimeter Module for TM Series
TEK FG503 TEKTRONIX FG503 (Faulty)
TEK L3 Spectrum Analyzer
TEK OTS9000 Optical Test System With OTS91L1, OTS91R2, OTS91T2, OTS91C1
TEK OTS9030 Optical Power Meters
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TEK P6021 120 Hz to 60 MHz AC Current Probe
TEK P6022 AC Current Probe
TEK P6051 Oscilloscope Probes
TEK P6139A 500 MHz Passive Voltage Probe
TEK P6156 Low Impedance Probe
TEK P6207 Active (FET) Probe DC to 4 GHz
TEK P6243 Active (FET) Oscilloscope Probe
TEK P6245 Active (FET) Oscilloscope Probe
TEK P6247 Active Differential Oscilloscope Probe
TEK P6248 1.5 GHz Differential Probe
TEK P6249 4 GHz Probe
TEK P6330 3.5 GHz Differential Probe
TEK PG501 Pulse Generator
TEK PG506 Calibration Generator : Plug-Ins
TEK PG507 50 MHz, Dual Channel, Pulse Generator
TEK RG501 Ramp Generator Module
TEK S-1 Sampling Head
TEK S-2 Sampling Head
TEK S-4 Sampling Head
TEK S-53 Trigger-Recognizer Head.
TEK S-6 Sampling Heads, 1.5GHz
TEK SG502 5Hz-500kHz Oscillator
TEK SG503/TG501/PG506 Oscilloscope Calibration System
TEK SG5030 Programmable Levelled Sine Wave Generator
TEK SG504 1GHz Sign Wave Gen
TEK SG505 Signal Generators Oscillator, 10 Hz-100KHz
TEK TAS475 4 Channel 100MHz Analog Oscilloscope
TEK TD100 Data Manager
TEK TDS3014B 100 MHZ, 1.25GS/S, 4-Channel Oscilloscope
TEK TDS3054B 500 MHz, 4CH, 5 GSa/s Oscilloscope
TEK TDS350 200 MHz, Digitizing Oscilloscope
TEK TDS360 200MHz, 1GSa/s, 2ch Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS5054B 500MHz 4CH 5GSa/s Oscilloscope
TEK TDS540 500MHz, 1GSa/s, 4ch Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS744A 500MHz, 4 Channel Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS784D 1GHz, 4 Channel, 4GS/s Digital Oscilloscope
TEK TDS820 6 GHz Digital Oscilloscope
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TEK TG501 Time Mark Generator : Plug-Ins
TEK TM5003 Power Module, 3 Compartment
TEK TM5006 Power Module, 6 Compartment
TEK TM501 Power Module : Mainframe
TEK TM502A 2 Slot Mainframe for TM500
TEK TM502A Power Module, 2 Compartment
TEK TM503 3 Slot Plug In Mainframe
TEK TM504 Powersupply Mainframe, 4 plug-in
TEK TM506 Mainframe Pwr Supp 6 pos
TEK VX1410 IntelliFrame, VXIbus Mainframe (w)
TEK VX4236 6.5 Digital Multimeter VXI Module
TEK VX4802 80 Channel Digital IO Module
TEK WFM300A Composite Waveform Monitor
TEK YT 1 Chart Recorder
Tektronix AWG710 2 GHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Tektronix AWG710B 2.1 GHz Arbitrary Wavefrom Generator
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Telonic 83685-204 Telonic 83685-204


Thron AVO 8 Thron AVO 8

Thurlby Thunder

Thurlby Thunder 30V-2A Power Supply Unit
Thurlby Thunder LB15 Power Supply Unit
Thurlby Thunder PL310 Power Supply Unit
Thurlby Thunder PL320 Power Supply Unit
Thurlby Thunder TS1410 Bench Power Supply
Thurlby Thunder TSX1820 0-18V/0-20A Power Supply
Thurlby Thunder TSX1820P Programmable DC Power Supply

Times Electronics

Times Electronics 1013 Times Electronics 1013

Valhalla Scientific

Valhalla Scientific 2500 AC-DC Current Calibrator
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Walker NJZ-900 Walker NJZ-900

Wandel & Goltermann / W & G (Acterna)

W&G 100BASET (N-0004) Wandel & Goltermann 100BASET (N-0004)
W&G ASNT-20 Advanced Network Tester
W&G DLA-5 Data Line Analyser
W&G OLP-1 Optical Power Level Meter
W&G OLS-5 Optical LED Source
W&G OSA-155 DWDM Analyzer
W&G PA-41 Transmission And Signaling Test Set
W&G PCM-23 Voice Frequency PCM Tester
W&G PCM-4 PCM Channel Measuring Set (BN980/03, BN985/24, BN984/00.01, BN984/0002)
W&G PMP-20 20kHz Digital Level Meter
W&G PS10 Wandel & Goltermann PS10


WAV 166 50 MHz Pulse / Function Generator
WAV 172B Programmable Signal Source
WAV 178 50 MHz Programmable Waveform Synthesizer
WAV 180 Sweep / Function Generator
WAV 184 5 MHz Sweep/Function Generator
WAV FG-5000A Function Generator
WAV SI-9000 Differential Probe

Wayne Kerr (WK Test)

Wayne Kerr 7330 Automatic LCR Meter & Test Lead/Component Adaptor Accessory
Wayne Kerr CF1005 LCR Component Fixture
Wayne Kerr 1EV1006 LCR Component Fixture
Wayne Kerr 3245B Inductance Analyser
Wayne Kerr 4225 Auto. LCR Meter
Wayne Kerr 6425 Component Analyser


Weinschel 1870A 50 Ohm N-Type Power Splitter
Weinschel 3050-10-28 0-10 dB Step Attenuator
Weinschel 3051-110-88 0-10 dB / 0-100 dB Step Attenuator




Xantrex XT30-2 60 Watt Programmable DC Power Supply 0-30 Volts, 0-2 Amps


Yamaha CRW8424SX External SCSI 8x CD-R Burner Drive


Yokogawa HR2300 Yokogawa HR2300

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